What "Full Catholic Church Approval" of a 
Marian apparition actually means
Definition from the book Messages from Heaven (ISBN 0-9717561-0-4) by Jim Tetlow

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When the Church approves an apparition as genuine, the apparition and her messages are declared to conform with the true teaching of Jesus Christ and are in harmony with Church teaching. The Church's approval declares that people may read and receive the messages without harm and that, in fact, the instructions and directions contained in them are useful and conducive to salvation. Their exact observance leads to a complete, living Christianity which fully comprises personal and public life. People are allowed to pay public adoration to the apparition without harm. They are allowed and even encouraged to visit Marian shrines at approved apparition sites. Although Catholics are not required to follow or obey the messages of an apparition, doing so will not harm their faith and may enhance it.

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