Comments on the proposed new Ohio Department
of Education (ODE) Science Standards
Joseph Mastropaolo, Ph.D.

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  No one has ever seen anything evolve and never will because the laws of physics forbid it. As soon as anything is created (make or design something requiring art, skill, invention-Webster), it begins to devolve, viable and non viable alike. If an animal dies, that is devolution. Its flesh putrefies and that is devolution. A plant dies and rots and that is devolution. A light bulb burns out, a car wears out, a road becomes rutted, a building crumbles, all devolution.

Everything we see was created buildings, roads, cars, airplanes, boats, clothing, tools, TV's, computers, toys, spider webs, beaver dams, flowers, fruits, vegetables.

Henry created the Ford automobile. Is that religion? Leonardo created the Mona Lisa. Is Leonardo a deity? Yet, to change inert elements to a living cell requires a set of infinite miracles. To change from one cell to the more than 30,000 other single-celled organisms requires another set of infinite miracles. And to change a single-celled organism to one like an elephant of hundreds of trillions of cells requires a third set of infinite miracles. And no biology textbook can tell the student how even one of these miracles happened. The student must believe in evolution's three sets of infinite miracles strictly on the basis of faith. That is religion! And, teaching it in the public schools, that is a state supported religion forbidden by the U.S. Constitution.

Evolution is the central most disorganizing, anti-intellectual, anti-science principle that biologists have ever been dictatorially forced to learn to understand the world. It stands as the greatest scandal in science of the last 140 years.

Joseph Mastropaolo, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus, California State University, Long Beach
Adjunct Professor of Comparative Physiology


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