Watch the same video the Ohio State Board of
Education received on March 7, 2000

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  With the controversy about evolutionism heating up again in the Ohio State Board of Education (OSBE), the timing is good to make the public aware of something that the news media may not have covered back on March 7, 2000. Since it's just as relevant today as it was back then, I'm taking this opportunity to bring it to the public's attention.

On that date, I was one of one of  several people who gave oral testimony to the OSBE concerning the twelfth grade proficiencies they were proposing at that time.  Back then, they were recommending that blatant one-sided evolutionism language be added to the proficiencies.  What they are proposing now is far worse.  

Prior to that March 7, 2000 testimony, I contacted Answers in Genesis Ministries seeking their help.  They were kind enough to donate enough copies of the video titled "A Question of Origins", that I was able to give a free copy to every member of the board who was present that day.  

I would encourage you to spend and hour watching this video. It's available through the Columbus Libraries.  You can also watch it right now in its entirety on-line.  Just click on the icon below to start playing it.

Note:  Netscape users may have difficulty getting the video to play 
on-line.  Use Internet Explorer instead if that happens.

For more information about this video, see our A Question of Origins Video link.

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