A Biblical response to the History Channel's
Ancient Aliens series

Last updated June 27, 2012

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Intelligent Design and Aliens

The claim that "aliens" started human life on Earth

The History Channel's frequent attacks against the Bible

Free six-hour web presentation of the Biblical view that we recommend
Evidence for a Spiritual View of the "Alien" phenomenon

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Quotes from: Ancient Aliens "The Return" (2010)

Narrator: "What would happen after any potential extraterrestrial contact is open to much speculation.  But most people concede one thing. The world as we know it would change dramatically."

Subsequent comments from Dr. Steven M. Greer, Director of The Disclosure Project:  "The result would be that the fundamentalist orthodox belief systems of every organized religion on earth would collapse, meaning that it would really bring into question the origins of the human race, the Genesis stories, and a whole lot of other issues."

Intelligent Design and "aliens"

Back in 2002 we were asked to support the Intelligent Design (ID) movement. ID was being touted at the time as an alternative scientific theory to evolution.  While we supported then (and still do) the concept of irreducible complexity that ID is based on, we were not enthusiastic in our support of ID as a final goal because of its failure to clearly identify who the "creator" was. 

Those who practice true creation science believe the designer is the God of the Bible.  However, ID doesn't attempt to identify who the designer is, it just says that there had to have been one.  It leaves identification of the creator up to students, teachers and parents to decide for themselves.  Some will conclude it's the God of the Bible.  Others the false gods of their religion.  Still others will conclude it was aliens

The claim that "aliens" started human life on Earth

The claim that man's existence on earth is attributed to aliens is something we have suspected was coming for many years.  Nowhere is the accuracy of that prediction more evident than the recent History Channel series called "Ancient Aliens".  This series appears to do a good job of identifying the world-wide evidence of what they interpret as "alien" contacts going back thousands of years.   It is likely that they have indeed uncovered evidence that our ancestors and many people today have had contact with intelligent beings that were far more advanced scientifically than we are.  Where they really drop the ball is in the way they interpret the evidence.  

The History Channel's frequent attacks against the Bible

Many people (including many Christians) may not be aware of the fact that the Bible actually has an explanation for the whole UFO phenomena, alien contacts, etc.  There are great spiritual dangers lurking for those who delve into this topic without the benefit of this Biblical context.  We have noticed for years a tendency by the History Channel to attempt to disprove and discredit the authority and accuracy of the Bible. It is a subtle theme in many of their programs and the Ancient Aliens series is no exception.  They are sneaky and often polite in their attempts to poison the minds of their viewers against the Bible.  While most of the broadcast media today is highly biased against Christianity, the History Channel seems to have refined this to a fine art. I doubt that they have figured out yet whose cause they're really working for.

In the majority of the cases when they do present an alleged "Christian" perspective, it's normally a far left liberal member of the clergy who is engaging in Bible interpretation back flips, or the highly deceived leadership of the Catholic church to make the case that "Christians" support what they're saying.  They will never present the kind of information that appears in the links below to their viewers in a fair and balanced way. If you want to get this important perspective, you need to be willing to think for yourself and not rely on the propagandists like those at the History Channel to help you ascertain what is really going on with UFO's and alien contacts.

For much more information about our position on UFO's, aliens and alien abductions, see our A Biblical perspective of UFO's, Aliens and Alien Abductions. The demonic connection to this phenomenon link.

Free six-hour web presentation of the Biblical view that we recommend

One of the goals of higher education should be to teach critical thinking skills.  In order to think critically about an issue, one must first possess a full inventory of all the relevant facts and evidence about the topic in question.  The Biblical perspective on this topic is by far the most important one because it alone exposes the truth about what is really going on.

We recommend the web site below as a good starting point to get informed on this important perspective.  It contains about six hours of streaming video and related PowerPoint presentations broken down into one hour segments. We are not affiliated with them in any way and make no money from referring people to their site.  We link to them because of the quality of their information on this topic.


There's a good book and DVD you can purchase from them. The book titled "Alien Encounters" was the basis for the six hour streaming videos at the above link.  The streaming video is only available on their web site. Unfortunately you can't purchase it on DVD or VHS.  However, the book can be purchased here:


They also sell a 2-hour DVD titled "Return of the Nephilim" that is a condensed version of the web site presentation. 



Evidence for a Spiritual View of the "Alien" phenomenon

This is another excellent streaming presentation that can also be read as text if you prefer the transcript (which also has the slides used in the video).  It's a good overview of why the alien topic should properly be seen as a biblical, spiritual one. 



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