Ohio State Board of Education Standards Committee
Meeting on March 11, 2002 to discuss Intelligent Design

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Streaming audio of the meeting
Commentaries and Reports
Purpose of meeting 
Purchase Audio and Video tapes
Media bias and errors

Streaming audio of the Meeting (to purchase audio and/or video tapes, see this link)

The audio clips below were taken from the audio track from some video footage.  It's not real high quality.  We hope to have copies of the audio from the State Board of Education soon.  That should be higher quality.  We will replace the clips below with the higher quality audio once we have it and can audio-stream it.  The audio clips below appear in the order they actually occurred.  The room where the media interviews occurred was very noisy.  The quality of those audio clips are the best we can get them.  If clicking on the 'Download' option doesn't work, then right click on it, then select the 'save link as' (or similar) option.

Introduction, rules, audience instructions, background (15:27 mins.) Download
Dr. Jonathan Wells (Intelligent Design) 15 min. presentation (16:00 mins.)
   (Disclaimer about Dr. Well's church affiliation)
Dr. Lawrence Krauss (Evolutionist) 15 min. presentation (16:44 mins.) Download
Dr. Stephen Meyer (Intelligent Design) 15 min. presentation (17:17 mins) Download
Dr. Kenneth Miller (Evolutionist) 15 min. presentation (17:20 mins.) Download
Q & A between the board and the panelists - Part 1 (45:46 mins) Download
Q & A between the board and the panelists - Part 2 (20:44 mins) Download
Media interview of Dr. Stephen Meyer (Intelligent Design) - coming soon
Media interview of Dr. Lawrence Krauss (Evolutionist) - coming soon
Media interview of Dr. Kenneth Miller (Evolutionist) - coming soon
Media interview of Dr. Jonathan Wells (Intelligent Design) - 14:35 mins Download

The links below are related to questions asked during the media interviews of the four panelists.

2. 93% of the National Academy of Science are atheists or agnostics.
3. Religious biases of evolutionists (77.9% of physicists and astronomers do not believe in God. 20-year old survey, but is there any reason to believe the numbers have changed much since then?)


Commentaries and Reports

From Dr. Jonathan Wells (one of the four panelists) of the Discovery Institute
From Melanie Elsey of the Ohio Eagle Forum

From Answers in Genesis Ministries International


Purpose of meeting

The State Board of Education's (SBE) Standards Committee held a meeting on March 11 to listen to a discussion about what role Intelligent Design theory should have, if any, in Ohio's science education standards.  



For background information on the four panel members, see:

Originally, the moderator for the discussion was supposed to be Dr. David Haury (an anti-creationist).  See these links about him:

http://www.coe.ohio-state.edu/edtl/davhau.htm (his bio) However the moderator was changed to  Board President Jennifer Sheets.  For more information about this, see the SBE's March 7 press release.


Purchase audio and video tapes

The SBE will make an audio cassette recording of the entire discussion available to the public.  The cost is $10, including shipping and handling (2 tapes).  To order the tapes:

  1. Make a check payable to Treasurer State of Ohio for $10.
  2. Write a brief note explaining that you want the audio tapes for the March 11 SBE Intelligent Design panel discussion.  Also indicate where the tapes should be mailed to, including zip code.
  3. Mail the check and note to:

Ohio Department of Education
State Board of Education - Board Relations
25 S. Front St.
Room 703
Columbus, OH  43215

We will purchase our own copies and then audio-stream them in their entirety on this page.  Check back at this link in about a week or so afterwards to see if they're available.  We were not able to find someone to produce a transcript.  The SBE does not provide transcripts either.  However, after their April 2002 full board meeting, minutes of this March 11 Standards Committee meeting will be available.  

Bob Garbe videotaped the entire presentation for his AlphaNova TV program that airs on Cable access 21 in the Columbus, OH area.  It will be a couple weeks before it airs.  Watch his program schedule for more information.  He may also make copies of the video for sale through the American Family Association of Ohio (AFA).  Watch this page for updates on that in a few weeks.

The State Board of Education will also make a video tape of the entire panel discussion available through a private company.  The cost is not known yet.  On March 15, we were told by the SBE's Board Relations office that they tapes would be available in about 2-weeks.  Whey they do become available, ordering information will appear this this link:



Media coverage

We have already seen some glaring errors in the reporting on this issue by the secular news media, especially by the Columbus Dispatch and Cleveland Plain Dealer.  Please visit our Discerning Media Bias page for information on what kind of errors and misinformation to watch out for.  We have also seen some very balanced and fair reporting and want to encourage all members of the press to following those examples.



Official press releases from the Ohio Department of Education about this March 11 meeting.

Updates on other efforts in Ohio to put an end to the censorship of the opposing scientific views to evolution.

Explains what Intelligent Design is, and how it impacts several scientific disciplines.

The Discovery Institute
The two Intelligent Design panelists were from this organization

The Intelligent Design Network

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