Updates on the 2002 proposed Ohio Science Academic 
Content Standards and related Legislation

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Click here to let Gov. Taft know you want him to stop his behind the scenes efforts to thwart the will of the people of Ohio on this issue...

The Latest News

Evidence that the public is strongly in favor of ending the censorship to arguments and evidence against evolution in the science standards and curriculum: Counts as of 8/31/2002
Cleveland Plain Dealer poll
Zogby poll (PDF document)


View the Proposed standards

Current Draft (September, 2002) 


Related legislation

HB 484 requires both houses of the General Assembly to approve Science Standards
SB 222 requires both houses of the General Assembly approve Science Standards
HB 481 would require balanced treatment of the topic of Origins in Ohio Science classes
Why legislation like this may eventually be necessary


Who to send your comments to

Ohio Department of Education and the State Board of Education
Governor Bob Taft
Ohio Board of Regents
Ohio Senate Education Committee
Ohio House Education Committee
Your own Ohio General Assembly members (House and Senate)
(this link contains all of their e-mail addresses)


Comments about the proposed 2002 standards

IDnet response to the Ohio Academy of Science resolutions

Patrick Young, Ph.D.

Joseph Mastropaolo, Ph.D.
Evolution is useless in the workplace - by Robert Garbe, R.Ph. (Pharmacist)


Media Coverage

Television news reports that deal with the controversies surrounding Ohio's proposed new Science Standards
Stay tuned for the ‘great non-debate’ on March 11 - Article by AiG (3/8/02)
Dr. Patrick Young's Op-ed article published in the Cleveland Plain Dealer (3/8/02)
WCMH Channel 4 story (3/8/02)
Christianity Today article (2/18/02)
Answers in Genesis weighs in on Ohio science standards debate
Discerning Media Bias and errors in reporting on the creation/evolution issue


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