Let Ohio Governor Bob Taft know that you don't want him
to support evolution as fact in Ohio Schools
Suggested Talking Points

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  From "Bob Lattimer" 

Subject: Contacting the Governor.


The Ohio Science Standards debate has been rather quiet the last couple months, but it will heat up again in September. The draft standards still maintain an "evolution only" stance on biological origins. The State Board of Education, which must approve the final standards by December, will begin deliberating on the draft version Sept. 9.

At the present time we believe it is critical that Ohio citizens contact Gov. Taft to urge him to support the "teach the controversy" approach. The Governor has tremendous influence on the State Board. The information below (reprinted from our website) tells you exactly what to do. A quick e-mail or phone call will suffice. Since the Governor is up for re-election this fall, we need to tell him how strongly we feel about this matter.

Please contact the Governor before Sept. 9. Please also spread this message to your friends.

Robert Lattimer, Ph.D.
Science Excellence for All Ohioans


The situation.

Ohio's current draft science standards give dogmatic support to the teaching of biological evolution. No evidence critical of evolution or supportive of alternatives is mentioned. On March 11, 2002, the State Board of Education held a Panel Presentation on the biological origins issue. A very reasonable proposal to resolve the issue was made by Dr. Stephen Meyer, one of the panelists. This recommends a "teach the controversy" approach that calls for (a) teaching evidence for and against biological evolution (descent with modification from a common ancestry), (b) permitting, but not requiring, teachers to discuss alternative theories, such as intelligent design, and (c) adopting a definition of science that considers all logical explanations for phenomena in nature.

Talking points 

These are some talking points you might use when you contact the Governor's office. (Short letters or calls from your own perspective are best.)

The "teach the controversy" approach

(1) is needed since the current "evolution only" draft science standards are biased and unreasonable,

(2) encourages biological origins to be taught objectively and without bias,

(3) supports academic freedom and critical thinking in the science classroom,

(4) aligns Ohio with the Santorum language in the new federal education bill (H.B. 1),

(5) reflects the will of the people of Ohio as shown in recent public opinion polls.

Contacting Governor Taft. The Governor has influence in this matter since he has appointed ten of the nineteen members of the State Board of Education. Write or call the Governor's office and ask him to support the "teach the controversy" approach in the science standards.

Model message to Governor

Dear Governor Taft

I am concerned about the state's draft science standards that present an "evolution only" stance on biological origins. I urge you to encourage the State Board of Education to adopt biological origins standards that are consistent with the "teach the controversy" proposal made by Dr. Meyer on March 11. This will lead to fair, reasonable, and objective science standards that are consistent with the Santorum language in H.B. 1.

Sincerely yours, Ohio Citizen

Contact information. Phone:  614-466-3555
E-mail:  Governor.Taft@das.state.oh.us
Mail:  Governor Bob Taft
30th Floor
77 South High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215-6117