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Ohio Governor Taft continues to work behind the scenes to once again thwart the will of the people of Ohio

Data we recently obtained from the Ohio Department of Education (ODOE) shows very strong pubic support for ending the censorship of the opposing scientific arguments and evidence against evolution in Ohio's Science Standards.  Yet in spite of this, Governor Taft is working quietly behind the scenes to put pressure on his 11 appointed members of the State Board of Education to continue the censorship.  See:

Let Ohio Governor Bob Taft know that you don't want him to support evolution as fact in Ohio Schools

Results of analysis of the public comments on the Ohio Science Standards

Major victory for the Boy Scouts of America  

The Scouts Equal Access Act was passed into law!  See A major victory for the Boy Scouts of America - SCOUTS EQUAL ACCESS ACT BECOMES LAW!.

Honest science ‘left behind’ in US education bill 

What was so offensive about this short amendment, proposed by Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania? He simply dared to suggest that evolution is controversial! See

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