Updates on Ohio HB1 and SB1

February 8, 2001 Update

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  From: LZJOSHUA@aol.com
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2001 23:38:41 EST
Subject: Quick update on HB1/SB1
To all:
This past Tuesday the Ohio House of Representatives and the Ohio Senate
Education Committees held hearings on HB 1 and SB 1 -- sponsor testimony.
The next hearing for HB 1 [House Education Committee] will be Tuesday,
February 13th at 3:30 in room 018 of the Statehouse.  This time the committee
will be taking proponent testimony.  It is expected that the testimony will
be provided by members of the Governor's Commission on Student Success.  The
legislation is based on the recommendations from this 33-member advisory
According to Chairman Callender's staff, the following schedule is
anticipated for hearings on HB 1.  NOTE:  These details will need to be
confirmed when the schedule is made official each Thursday prior to the
Tuesday, February 20 at 3:30pm -- State Superintendent Susan Zelman will make
a presentation to the House Education Committee.
Tuesday, February 27 at 3:30 pm -- proponent / opponent testimony will be
taken by the House Education Committee.  There is a possibility that this
will not be the only day for public testimony.  As soon as I know more I will
post the details.
Chairman Callender has expressed the possibility of holding hearings in
different communities around the state.  This would NOT be advantageous
simply because it will be less likely that all of the committee members would
come and would therefore not hear the public firsthand.  I will keep you
informed of dates and locations if this should become finalized.
AT THIS POINT PLEASE SET ASIDE TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 27th -- 3:30  pm to attend the public hearing on HB1.  It will be critical to fill the hearing room with
citizens who have a concern on these issues.  If you plan to testify and plan
to provide written testimony, you should bring 30 copies.  However, written
testimony is not required.  PLEASE plan to attend even if you prefer not to
VERY IMPORTANT NOTE:  Many of you have emailed me to let me know you have requested the legislation to read for yourself.  This is GREAT. :-)  
However, you need to know as you are reading the language that there is a
change this year in how the bills are written.  All plain lowercase letters
are existing law that is not changing.  All words with lines drawn through
them are portions of law being deleted.  All words that are UNDERLINED
represent NEW provisions to state law.
I am still confirming information for the Senate Education Committee's
schedule next week.  I will post it separately.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
Respectfully submitted,
Melanie Elsey

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