Bones of contention : a creationist assessment of human fossils (book)

Author: Marvin L. Lubenow
ISBN 0-8010-5677-2


Table of Contents

  Lists of Charts, Illustrations, and Definitions 6
  Preface 7
1. The Family Gathering 11
2. An Inexact Kind of Science 18
3. Dead Reckoning 28
4. Monkey Business in the Family Tree 33
5. Looks Isn't Everything 45
6. With a Name Like Neandertal He's Got to Be Good 59
7. Evolution's Illegitimate Children: Archaic Homo sapiens 78
8. Java Man: The Rest of the Story 86
9. Java Man: Keeping the Faith 98
10. Wadjak Man: Not All Fossils Are Created Equal 100
11. The Selenka Expedition: A Second Opinion 113
12. Homo erectus: A Man for All Seasons 120
13. Homo erectus: All in the Family 134
14. Back to the Future 144
15. Homo habilis: The Little Man Who Isn't There 157
16. Fossil Failure on a Grand Scale 169
17. Remember Baby Fae? 184
18. Is the Big Ban a Big Bust? 199
19. Genesis: The Footnotes of Moses 213
20. Adam and the Evangelical 223
. Appendix: The Dating Game 247
  Endnotes 267
  Index of Persons 287
  Index of Fossils 290
  Index of Topics 294


Description of the book taken from the back cover:

Bones of Contention
A Creationist assessment of human fossils
Written for the layperson.
Documented for further study.
Based entirely on fossils accepted unconditionally by evolutionists

Marvin L. Lubenow has researched the fossil issue for 25 years and frequently speaks and writes to defend the creationist position. He is professor of Bible and apologetics and Christian Heritage College, El Cajon, California.

This is the most complete and accurate critique of the fossils of the so-called "ape men." The myth of human evolution is completely demolished. The last chapter, repudiating the compromising views of many modern evangelicals on this subject is illuminating. Lubenow has made an invaluable contribution to scientific biblical creationism.
Henry M. Morris, president
Institute for Creation Research

The material on the dating of the famous skull fossil KNM-ER 1470 is brilliant!
Gerald Aardsma
radiometric dating specialist
Institute for Creation Research

On the question of biological, especially human origins, Lubenow is not content to merely quote biblical theory (If I may use that word). Like a true scholar he researches in depth the literature in the scientific journals, sifting the evidence, searching out the areas open to interpretation... He does his homework so thoroughly that he makes someone like me who would carry on a dialogue with him (as we did on creationism vs. Darwinism) also do his homework... He is a pleasure to fence with intellectually.
Michael Charney
emeritus professor of anthropology
affiliate professor of zoology
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, Colorado