Support the Boy Scouts of America in their battle against
religiously bigoted homosexual activists

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Resources for helping homosexuals, their families and friends  

He that justifieth the wicked, and he that condemneth the just, even they both [are] abomination to the LORD.
Proverbs 17:15

Recent news media reports about homosexual activists trying to get funding cuts for the Boy Scouts highlight the need for the community to get involved in trying to curb the effectiveness of these efforts.  

The Boy Scouts are under attack by many organizations, especially the United Way.  In one recent incident, the United Way has withdrawn $130,000 in annual grants from a New Jersey Scouts council.  The scouts were forced to sell 750 acres of property to make up the difference.   If you are concerned about these ongoing religiously bigoted attacks against the Boy Scouts by the United Way, we encourage you to consider ending all donations to the United Way until 100% of the attacks have stopped, and all previous funding cuts by the UW to the Boy Scouts have been reversed.  As an alternative, consider giving the money to your local Boy Scout Council, or to some of the many Christian Organizations who are standing firm against the rising tide of apostasy in our society today. 

We also encourage you to sign the online petition below, and to contact your congress persons to demand that legislation be passed to protect the Boy Scouts from attempts to deny them access to public buildings because of their courageous stand against the United Way and other homosexual activists.

Sign this on-line petition to support the Boy Scouts  

Read about a success story against homosexual activists in California

Contact your House of Representative member

Contact your Senators

There are several other organizations we are encouraging a boycott of because they pulled funding from the Boy Scouts due to their unwillingness to admit homosexuals into the organization include.  For more information, visit our Businesses and Organizations being boycotted link.

We encourage the community, especially churches, to take a strong stand against homosexual activists wherever they attempt to make gains.  However, we do not encourage the hatred of those who choose to unrepentantly engage in the sin of homosexuality.  We believe that we and our fellow Christians should pray for those in the homosexuality community who are gripped by this lifestyle, that they may one day see what God really has to say about this issue, and humble themselves before Him and repent of this sin.  As Christians, we should hate the sin, not the sinner.  If you are a Christian and know persons who are gay, keep them in your prayers and be a good ambassador for Christ by treating them with dignity and respect.  If the Lord opens up an opportunity for you to lovingly witness to them about this issue, pray for guidance and move forward with it.  If He does not, pray that He will  bring someone else into their lives who will.  Remember, we have all sinned against God. Show them the same patience and love that God showed you before you finally abandoned your rebelliousness towards Him and surrendered your heart unconditionally to Him, on His terms.