Download free bumper-stickers

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  1. Download the BumperStickers.doc file (a Rich Text document).  Rich Text documents can be opened and printed with almost any word processor.  There are 4 pages in the document.  Pages 1-2 are in color.  Use them for posting on clear glass.  Pages 3-4 are in black and white.  Use them for posting on tinted windows that are harder to see through.
  2. Print them using landscape mode, on legal size paper (8.5" x 14").  It is recommended that you first view them in "Print Preview" mode to make sure they will print the way you expect.  This will help to avoid wasting expensive ink if you're printing them with a color ink-jet printer.
  3. Tape them to the inside of your vehicle's rear window.  Please make sure to comply with all laws regarding the possible obstruction of your vehicle's rear-view window. Check with your local police if you're not sure what the laws are.  
  4. You can also post them on bulletin boards at school and church, at your desk in your workplace (if company rules allow it) or pass them out to your friends at school or work.

Download BumperStickers.doc (5K)

   In the event of nuclear attack,
   prayer will be restored to the 
   public schools.
   I broke the rules. I prayed in a 
   public school. I'm such a menace  to society.

Darwin's a Creationist now!

Your children are being force-fed the lies of atheistic evolutionism in the public schools. What are you doing about it?