Concerns about Roman Catholicism
and Pope John Paul II

Perspectives from a former Catholic

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Pope John Paul II passed away on April 2, 2005.  The media coverage of his life has all been glowing with praise.  While there are many things he did in his life that I agree with and admire, it is important that we also look at the big picture.  Because virtually nobody in the media is reporting on some of the more disturbing things this this pope did,  and because all the media praise for him looks more like an endorsement of the Catholic church than unbiased reporting, I think it's important that we do a quick reality check to make sure we see the whole picture.  

There are two significant areas of concern I have about Pope John Paul II.  The first was his strong devotion to the Marian apparitions.  The Bible predicts an explosion of these apparitions in the end days.  However, it warns us that they'll be demonic deceptions.  See our link titled Messages From Heaven video for more information about this.  The second concern is his desire to unite the world religions.  This too was prophesized to occur in the last days, and it was presented as a warning, not as something we should embrace.  In order to find common ground with other false religions, Christians must first abandon the very foundational doctrines that are central to the Bible's message of salvation only through faith in Jesus Christ.  Some of the pope's activities in this area were truly disturbing.  For more information about this, see our Countdown to Eternity video link (see clip #6 titled Global prophecies).

I do not consider the Catholic church to be a cult, but in my opinion, they're about as close to being one as you can get without crossing that line.  The only reason I would not put them into the full-blown cult category is because they have the most important doctrines correct.  They correctly believe that Jesus was God, that He always has existed with the Father and the Holy Spirit, that He died for our sins, and that He rose again from the dead.  All true cults get at least one of these doctrines about Jesus wrong.  

I was a devout Catholic until about the age of 21.  At that point in my life, the Lord blessed me greatly by bringing some dedicated Protestant Christians into my life who encouraged me to take a harder look at my Catholic beliefs and see if they really squared with scriptures.  After some careful Bible study (using both the Catholic and Protestant Bibles), I was stunned to discover how many discrepancies there were between Catholic doctrine and the Bible (even the Catholic Bible).  I decided to explore these issues further with some expert help.  

I spent a few months meeting with a couple Baptist pastors and a Catholic priest I knew to listen to both sides of the arguments.  The more I looked the more obvious it was that there were very serious doctrinal problems with the Catholic church's teachings.  Today I am a Reformed Baptist.  Even though I have completely abandoned Catholicism, I still believe it is possible to be Catholic and be a real Christian.  However, the false doctrines of the Catholic church can, in my opinion, easily crowd out the truths they hold to the point where it may be possible to not be truly saved if one is Catholic.  For that reason, some pastors I know classify the Catholic church as a cult.  Additionally, some of these false doctrines leave many Catholics unsure of their salvation, and in some cases can cause them to misdirect their prayers.  Examples of this last point are praying to Mary and to deceased "saints".  Gods warnings in the Bible about praying to deceased persons are unambiguous; we are not to do it. 

I would encourage other Catholics to do as I have done and get an opposing view to what you are being taught. The freedom and peace of mine you will experience from learning the truth will bring a whole new sense of joy and hope into your lives.  The following links will help you get started in your search for the truth.

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