To the Editor,

Mr. Oldenquist promotes many errors of fact concerning the creation/evolution controversy (1/3/00). But at the top of the list is his basic premise that Scientific Creationists rely on pseudo-science to support their belief in a Biblical Creation. If this were true, why do evolutionists themselves admit that Creationists win nearly all of the formal scientific debates that take place with evolutionists. Hundreds of these debates have been held over the years (many on college campuses) and one would think that if Creationists were using pseudo-science, then the evolutionists would surely have beaten them severely, exposing to the world the unscientific nature of the Creationists claims.

However, evolutionists don't want the weaknesses of evolutionary theory to be known to the public. In fact the negative effects of engaging in a debate with a Creation Scientist is so bad that evolutionist, Eugenie Scott, Executive Director of the National Center for Science Education, Berkeley, California, says, “Avoid Debates. If your local campus Christian fellowship asks you to ‘defend evolution,’ please probably will get beaten.”

Creationists want open discussion and debate in the public arena on the evidences for and against evolution. Unfortunately the keepers of evolutionary theory want you to take them at their word that evolution is an unquestionable fact, closed even to scientific scrutiny.

Paul G. McDorman, President
Creation Research, Science Education Foundation (CRSEF) - (in Columbus, OH)