Letter to the Editor of the Columbus Dispatch
Submitted August 12, 2000

Dear Editor,

I am responding to the August 11, "Restoring Darwin - Kansas ready to reinstate evolution" editorial by the Dispatch. The editorial was a wonderful example of why people should never trust the media to do accurate reporting. I am not able to respond in this short letter to the wealth of misinformation that appeared in that editorial. I'll hit on just a few points.

The Dispatch, like the news media in Kansas, continues to erroneously portray this debate as one of science versus religion. Evolution is a religion. In reality, this is a debate between the science of one religion (evolutionism) versus the science of another religion (Christianity).

Evolutionism is a world view that assumes up-front, an atheistic view of the origins of the universe and of mankind. Because evolutionists have limited themselves to this atheistic paradigm, they have made it impossible for themselves to consider any theistic explanation of origins. In other words, assuming for arguments sake that God really did exactly what He said He did in the book of Genesis, evolutionists will forever be blind to this reality because they refuse to even consider it as a possibility.

Instead, they work diligently to try to force a square peg into a round hole by teaching children in the public schools that the only viable explanation of origins is atheistic evolution. Is science in the classroom a good thing when it distracts children away from the truth of what God says He did? Is it a good thing that so many children are abandoning their faith in God after receiving such heavy doses of atheistic evolutionism in the public schools? Is it a good thing that our children are being denied access to the mountains of compelling scientific arguments against this failed theory?

The Dispatch editorial would have us believe that the alleged science of evolutionism can peacefully co-exist with religion. This is sugar-coating on a poison pill. Atheism, no matter what form it takes, will always be an enemy to our God and to our children's' spiritual well-being. This is a spiritual war for the control of our children's minds. Rather than peacefully co-existing, we should be fighting the lies of evolutionism tooth and nail, and we should be demanding that our school systems stop force feeding this kind of religious, atheistic indoctrination to our children. We should also demand and end to the censorship of the overwhelming scientific arguments against evolutionism. And for our children's sakes, we should take the time to find out what these arguments are. We also need to hold the media accountable for their unwillingness to give those with compelling opposing views equal time.

Evolutionists consistently lose when they debate creation scientists on purely scientific grounds. Since they can't win this debate on scientific grounds, they and their willing accomplices in the news media will continue to resort to misinformation and outright lies nearly everywhere that creationists make public gains. With such scare tactics, they are often successful in duping a public that is far too trusting of their motives. They're going to continue getting away with this until the public quits trusting the media and evolutionists to tell the truth, and starts checking out the opposing views for themselves. Brace yourself if you do, though. Because you're going to be plenty mad when you see what they've been censoring from you and your children, and when you truly understand the great spiritual harm this atheistic view of origins has inflicted upon our society.

The Young Earth Creation Club
Gahanna, Ohio