Cults and Modern-Day False Prophets

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What makes a church or group non-Christian?
Christian Answers for the New Age
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Probe Ministries
Spiritual Counterfeits Project
THE OCCULT - What does the Bible say about it?
Bible verses that warn us not to add/subtract from Biblical Revelations
How to Test the Spirits - Biblical tests that can be applied to determine if a doctrine is of God or of Satan


Information about specific Cults or Occult practices

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons)  |   Catholicism    |  Christian Science  |   Communicating with Spirits  |  Islam (Muslims)   |  Jehovah's Witnesses  | Reiki energy healing | Seventh-day Adventists  |  Unification church (Moonies)  |  Urantia (UFO cult)  |  Raelian (UFO cult)


Modern-Day False Prophets 

John Wimber (The Vinyard)   |   Rod Parsley (World Harvest Church, Columbus, OH)   |   Benny Hinn   |     Other false prophets


Streaming Audio tapes about Cults

Dr. J. L. Williams has an excellent 12-pack audio cassette series titled "Identifying and Dealing With the Cults". An accompanying study guide is also available from his web site.  The book and audio tapes can be ordered by calling 1-888-PRAY NDI (772-9634). Visit their web site at for more information. Right now, these tapes and study guide are not listed on their web site, but they are still available by request.  We encourage you to get a copy of these tapes and the corresponding study guide for your church, and to go through them with your children, especially those who are in high school or college.

We have obtained permission from Dr. Williams to audio stream all of these tapes on our web site.  We wish to express our appreciation to him for allowing this, and hope that they will be a blessing to those who wonder if they're in a cult, or who may be trying to help someone get out of one.

While we have not heard evolutionism referred to as a cult before, we wonder if it isn't appropriate to do so.  This tape series is from the early 1980's and does not address evolutionism. However, as you listen to these tapes, compare how other recognized cults operate against how the atheistic false religion of Evolutionism is force-fed to our children in the public schools, and how a wall of protection has been built around by the scientific community and the media to shield it from all criticism both scientific and religious.  We think you will see some interesting similarities between the mind-control techniques used by cults and how evolutionism is force-fed to our children in the public schools.  Keep in mind that we're talking about atheistic evolution the way it is presented in the public schools, devoid of any theistic content.

Click here for info about the study guide

Real Audio is required to listen to these audio streamed files.  Click on the icon below to obtain it.  There is a free version available, but it's hard to find.  After clicking on the icon below, look on the  left side, about in the middle of the page and click on the link that says "is our free player".

Title Play
Side 1
 Side 2
1 An introduction to cults
Overview of pre and post-1960 cults.  Statistics on cult memberships, and who they target.  Defines difference between cults and the occult.
29:54 mins. 25:19 mins.
2 A Biblical Perspective of Cults
Biblical advice on spotting false prophets.  Satan the master counterfeiter.  Don't blame demons for everything. Covert verses overt cults.
29:43 mins. 25:27 mins.
3 Reasons for the Growth of Cults
11 reasons why cults are growing, including spiritual ignorance, ignorance of the Bible, church not doing its job, dead orthodoxy, cultic emphasis on doctrines the real church mistakenly fails to address, breakdown of the home, etc.
29:52 mins. 25:41 mins.
4 How Cults Misuse the Bible
Discusses the 1st of 12 signs that a group is a cult.  This tape deals with how cults add or subtract from revelations made in the Bible. Virtually all cults have this problem in some way. Examples of cults that have entire written books they claim is equal to or greater than the Bible include the Mormons, The Way International, the Unification Church (Moonies), Urantia, Hinduism,  Islam, the Jehovah's Witnesses and the Catholic Marian movement.
29:58 mins. 25:56 mins.
5 The Other Jesus of Cults
Discusses the 2nd of 12 signs that a group is a cult.  This tape deals with how cults mislead their followers about who Jesus Christ really is.  Virtually all cults get this issue wrong.  This is by far the most serious problem with cults because it leads their followers away from a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
30:00 mins. 23:06 mins.
6 Cult Leaders and the Holy Spirit
Discusses the 3rd of 12 signs that a group is a cult.
30:53 mins. 25:45 mins.
7 Other Marks of Cults
Discusses the 4th through of 12th signs that a group is a cult.
29:47 mins. 25:16 mins.
8 People who Are Vulnerable to Cults
Several statistics on who's most vulnerable and why.  Eleven ways to avoid being vulnerable.
(High school and college students and parents of these students should listen to tape #8 first)
29:46 mins. 24:47 mins.
9 Cult Techniques of Manipulation & Mind Control
Although this tape does not address evolution, you will see many similarities between how cults indoctrinate their members and how the public school system force-feeds atheistic evolutionism to our young people today, often against the wishes of many parents and students.
29:53 mins. 23:10 mins.
10 Scars From Cultic Involvement
15 emotional, spiritual, psychological and physical scars from cultic involvement.
30:02 mins. 29:53 mins.
11 Witnessing to People in Cults 30:01 mins. 25:31 mins.
12 How to Test the Spirits 29:52 mins. 22:00 mins.

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