Evidence that Humans and Dinosaurs
lived together, at the same time

Dinosaurs in the Bible

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Main page for Human and Dinosaur co-existence 

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Join Dr. Gary Parker as he explains how a Biblical perspective explains what dinosaurs were, when they lived, and many other commonly misunderstood concepts about these creatures. He also refutes many of the common arguments against creation.  Right click here to download this entire 45-minute video (11.5 meg). Then watch it from your hard drive after you download it. 

If you use software that automatically closes pop-up windows, you'll need to temporarily disable it to watch this video.

There are many references to dinosaur-like creatures in both the Protestant and Catholic versions of the Bible.  However, the word "dinosaur" isn't found anywhere in the Bible because it didn't exist as a word until the 1800's.  Prior to that, the most common word used to describe dinosaur-like creatures was "dragon", and that word is found many times in scriptures.  Visit the links below to see the descriptions of some of these creatures and compare them against what we know about dinosaurs today.  In some cases, the similarities are very striking.  In others, they seem to be describing creatures we may not yet have discovered.

King James version

Genesis 1:23-27 says Dinosaurs and Man created on the same day
Dinosaur in the Bible: Job 40:15-24 (Behemoth)
Flying, fiery (poisonous) serpents
Sea Dragons (Leviathan, etc.)

Catholic Bible

Daniel 14:22-27

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