Evidence that Humans and Dinosaurs
lived together, at the same time

Sightings of Flying Dragons

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Main page for Human and Dinosaur co-existence 


1. Pterosaur
The Rhamphorhynchoid Pterosaur Scaphognathus crassirostris: A "Living Fossil" Until the 17th Century. Includes photos of ancient coins and a very interesting article.
2. Dinosaur Sightings Are they alive today (flying creatures).
3. Living Dinosaurs from Anglo-Saxon and other Early Records Flying reptiles and other dinosaur like creatures seen in 200 different locations in Great Britain.
4. The Bible and Pterosaurs There is an increasing amount of archaeological and linguistic evidence that pterosaurs (flying reptiles) were mentioned by several authors of Scripture. This introductory article will deal with some of those biblical words and what I've learned about them from word studies and archaeology. The scientific basis for this study has been established by articles for peer-reviewed scientific publications for both secular and creation groups. The spiritual symbolism for these animals and cultural relevance during the biblical era will also be looked at. Finally, some implications from this knowledge will be examined. Shows pictures and drawings of ancient seals and other artifacts depicting flying reptiles.
5. Ramphorhynchus sighted in Africa and Arabia in 900 AD The respected Greek explorer Herodotus described small flying reptiles in ancient Egypt and Arabia.
6. Pterodactyls in Zimbabwe Natives living in northern Zimbabwe described a strange flying animal which they called the "kongamato." It was not a bird but more like a reddish-colored lizard with bare, bat-like wings. The distance between its wing tips was four to seven feet. The scientist showed the natives pictures of various animals, both living and extinct. Each person interviewed said the Pterodactyl was most like the Kongamoto.
7.  Video Webcasts From Answers in Genesis Ministries Group. Click on the video titled "The Great Dinosaur Mystery". Among other things, it has some stories of these kinds of sightings.
8. Police officer sees alleged Pterosaur in 1976  


Quote from the web site: "Policeman Arturo Padilla of San Benito, Texas, was driving his police cruiser through the wee hours of the morning in 1976 when something unusual appeared in his headlights. It looked like a big bird. Only a few minutes later fellow officer Homer Galvan reported it too. A black silhouette that glided through the air. According to Galvan it moved without ever flapping it's wings. "

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