Evidence that Humans and Dinosaurs
lived together, at the same time

Sightings of Land creatures

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Main page for Human and Dinosaur co-existence 


1. Video Webcasts From Answers in Genesis Ministries Group. Click on the video titled "The Great Dinosaur Mystery". It has several more examples of evidence of humans and dinosaurs interacting.
2. Dinosaurs and the Ancient World Just a few of the many pictures of dinosaurs that people made only a few thousand years ago.
3. Are Dinosaurs alive today? 1993 sighting in China.
4. 1. Mokele-mbembe: Overview
3. Dinosaurs Alive - FT86
Several links about Mokele-mbembe, which has been sighted in the African Congo. The name Mokele-mbembe was given to the creature by local tribes. It means ""one who stops the flow of rivers." Notice the similarity of this creature compared to the one described (Behemoth) in the following Bible verse:

Behold, he drinketh up a river, [and] hasteth not: he trusteth that he can draw up Jordan into his mouth. Job 40:23 (KJV)

5. Dragon slayed in ancient Babylon Gilgamesh killed it and cut off its head for a trophy.
6. Edmontosaurus in Scandinavia One old legend describes a reptile-like animal that had a body about the size of a large cow. Its two back legs were long and strong.
City named in honor of killing of a Triceratops
The city of Nerluc in France was renamed in honor of the killing of a "dragon" there.
8. Sighting in Italy in 1572 A scientist named Ulysses Aldrovandus carefully described a small "dragon" seen along a farm road in northern Italy.
9. Breeding dragons in China Some old Chinese books even tell of a family that kept "dragons" and raised the babies. It is said that in those days, Chinese kings used "dragons" for pulling royal chariots on special occasions.
10. Stegosaurus sighted in Ireland in 900 AD An Irish writer recorded an encounter with a large beast with "iron" on its tail which pointed backwards.
11. Dinosaurs in the Bible Dinosaurs of different types are referenced in the Bible.
12. Picture of what appears to be a dinosaur footprint in the mud This is our best link that deals with the issue of human/dinosaur co-existence.  It has links to three excellent videos and to books that have been written primarily by evolutionists on the topic.

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