How to listen to Dr. Chuck Thurston's
Evidences live radio program over the internet

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Dr. Charles (Chuck) Thurston (an emergency room physician) airs a weekly radio program called EvidencesEvidences airs live in Columbus, Ohio on WRFD, AM 880 every Monday from 7:00 - 8:30 P.M. EST starting April 11, 2002.  The program always airs live over the internet as well.  The programs feature mainly a variety of scientists that discuss the creation verses evolutionism debate from the creationist's perspective.  Many of his guests are internationally known scientists.  

Call in live to the program:

Inside the 614 area code:

Outside the 614 area code:

If you will be listening to the program over the internet, and you're not real familiar with how to listen to audio streamed files over the internet, we suggest that you try to listen to the radio station at least an hour or so beforehand to make sure you have your PC configured correctly.  If you happen to miss a program, we have some of them archived on our web site on our Audio link.  Here's how to listen to the program live over the internet.

  1. Go to the WRFD, AM 880 web site at

  2. Click on the option for listening to their current live broadcast.  It will look something like the image below.  You will need to have JavaScript turned on in your web browser for this link to work.  JavaScript is turned on by default in Netscape and Internet Explorer.  That means it should already be on unless you turned it off.


3.  A new, smaller window will open up.  It will look similar to the image below.  Look in the bottom left and wait for it to say "Playing".

It should start up on its own at this point and begin playing the live audio feed.  

If you don't have RealPlayer, click on the icon to get it.  WATCH OUT, though.  There is a free version available, but it's hard to find on their web site.  After clicking on the icon below, look on the  top right side for this link and click on it.

     <== Click on this link

If you mistakenly click on the "Free Download" link, you'll get a 14-day free trial version that will quit working after 14-days:

<== Do NOT click on this link

Once you've downloaded and installed RealPlayer, go back to step 1.