Ben Stein's documentary titled "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" champions the cause for true academic freedom where the teaching of evolution is concerned

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Our organization and many thousands of scientists (like our own Dr. Patrick Young)  have been trying for years to raise awareness levels about how true academic freedom is being squelched in our public schools far as how evolution is taught. The secular news media has consistently turned a blind eye to this problem because they have for the most part been willing accomplices.  Until now we have not seen a serious effort by anyone in the secular media or the entertainment industry address to the problem.  We are pleased to say that someone has finally stepped up to the plate and done it in a most professional and entertaining way.  

A new movie by Ben Stein titled "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" will be released at theaters across the country during the week of April 18 - 20, 2008. If you are a high school or college student, or their parents, we believe this move is must viewing for you.  It may be one of the most important movies you will ever see because of the profound impact it can have on opening the public's eyes on the issue of why it is so vital that we work hard to restore true academic freedom in our public schools.  

Please take a few moments to see some of the trailers from this movie at these links:

We have seen where some public schools have offered classes that encourage students to view both pro-evolution web sites, and those that present opposing views (like our site).  While some may claim that's offering students the opportunity to see both sides of the issue, we believe it does not go nearly far enough.  In virtually every case where we have observed our web site being referenced in a course like this, it appeared from the overall content of the classes and in some cases the instructions students were given, that they were all being taught by evolutionists.  

True academic freedom can occur only when scientists and teachers who can best present the mountains of scientific, mathematical and archeological evidence that falsifies evolution have the academic freedom to do so without fear of retribution.  It is not true academic freedom when only evolutionists control both sides of how the arguments and evidence are presented.  

Given the fact that most scientists teaching in high schools and secular universities today are either atheists or agnostics, many of them have a vested personal interest in protecting this failed theory. And they're not necessarily going to be honest with their students about that (see our "Hidden agendas" and "Ignoring the religious biases of evolutionists" links). It's time that students and their parents demand that all teachers and students have the academic freedom to present and debate all sides of the argument.  We do not believe that on a level playing field, evolution can in the long run survive the onslaught of scientific arguments and evidence against it once scientists who oppose it have the academic freedom to present their cases.  This movie will make a strong case for why a level playing field currently does not exist, and for how students are being cheated out of opportunities to get the honest, objective science education they are often spending so much money for. 

We also encourage you to review these links:

If you are a student viewing this article, please consider going to this movie with your friends.  It will be entertaining and humorous in places, but we believe it will also be a real eye opener for you.  If it's not playing in your town, consider calling up your local theaters and asking that they bring it in.  We believe that you will conclude that it was money very well spent to watch it.  We also encourage everyone who is reading this article to do whatever you can to raise awareness levels about this important movie and to try to encourage as many people as you can to attend it.  The link at Answers in Genesis above provides some good suggestions for how to do that.