The History Channel's "The Quest for Dragons" was filled with half-truths and significant omissions

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The History Channel aired a program called "The Quest for Dragons" on August 7, 2005.  Predictably, the program took the position that the mountains of evidence in cultures all over the world about dragons was based on overactive imaginations, on discoveries of fossilized dinosaurs, or on misinterpretations of natural phenomenon.  

Overall the program did a good job of gathering evidence of dragons in various cultures, but because of their evolution blinders, they completely misinterpreted the evidence they found. The evidence they found strongly supports the Biblical account that dinosaurs and humans co-existed.  But because one of the primary goals of the History channel seems to be to discredit the Bible in as many ways as they can, they don't see what should be obvious to them that our ancestors saw these creatures alive.

The worldwide evidence and eye-witness accounts, include many sightings in the 20th century, are too compelling to be dismissed the way this program did.  As creationists, we have been saying all along that we should expect to find this kind of world-wide evidence of dinosaurs (called "dragons" before the word "dinosaur" was invented).  Since dinosaurs were created on the same 24-hour day that Adam and Eve were, and since they also were on Noah's Ark, we would expect the real possibility that some of them would still be alive today.  And that is exactly what we find evidence of, especially in the form of thousands of eye-witnesses accounts that are too similar, and spread across too many cultures to be dismissed.  

Many of you who are visiting our web site for the first time probably have not seen the evidence for the co-existence of humans and dinosaurs that we and many others have to present.  Because of the high wall of protection that has been built around the theory of evolution to shield it from any evidence that could falsify it, you have been denied the opportunity to see this evidence in the public schools and the media. If you chose to mock it and make fun of it initially, we expect that, and are in no way offended by it.  A lot of us who have thoroughly explored this evidence also found it pretty hard to accept at first (myself included) because of the evolutionary brainwashing that is so prevalent in our public schools, media and entertainment industries.  However, we encourage you to look at it with an open mind.  If you take the time to explore this evidence thoroughly, we suspect you will begin to understand why there are good scientific reasons to conclude that we have co-existed with dinosaurs, and that some may still be alive today.

The Ica burial stones are just the tip of the ice-berg in terms of the mountains of evidence that humans and dinosaurs have co-existed.  These stones were not discussed in the History Channel's "The Quest for Dragons" program. There are a couple of good video tapes that address some of the criticisms about these stones.  Both are available on-line in their entirety in our on-line video links page at   You can also click on the links below to watch them right now: -  (Click here to purchase this tape titled Creation Evidence From South America)    *  -  (Click here to purchase this tape titled Creation Evidence From Mexico)   

Due to an apparent technical problem at the web site where these videos actually reside, they aren't available right now on-line.  When the problem is fixed we'll update this page.  In the mean time, if you'd rather see the actual video they're very cheap ($12 each).

There is another excellent video that highlights several of the other evidences of the co-existence of humans and dinosaurs. The first hour is dedicated to the discussion of dinosaurs in the Bible.  The remaining hour and a half contains information about many sightings in the last century including an incident in the 1960's where 4 teenagers will killed by what appears to have been a plesiosaur, the partial body of a plesiosaur washed up on a beach, etc. (We realize that technically, plesiosaurs aren't considered dinosaurs.  However we include them in this discussion because evolutionist propaganda often includes them.)  This is the most fascinating video we've seen so far on this topic.

It can be viewed in its entirety on-line as part of a 7-part creation video series.  The video about dinosaurs is #3 in the series.  To download the entire dinosaur video (#3) right click on the link below:


Downloads as a .zip file.  After unzipping it, view it with Windows MediaPlayer.  If you don't have MediaPlayer, download it for free at this link.

Excellent video!!  You'll be talking about this one for weeks to come.

Purchase this video

Their site isn't set up to allow us to link directly to this video.  Instead, use their search engine to search for the keywords "Dinosaurs and the Bible".  Look for one of the following search results, depending on the format you want:

Part 3, Dinosaurs and the Bible DVD
Part 3, Dinosaurs and the Bible VHS
Part 3, Dinosaurs and the Bible PAL

I am working with Dr. Dennis Swift to create a new web site that will provide even more hard evidence that humans and dinosaurs have co-existed.  One section on that new web site will deal with scientific analysis of the Ica Burial stones that prove they're authentic and old.  While some copycat forgeries do exist, many thousands of them are not modern forgeries.  It is also interesting to note that the experts who looked at these rocks don't know how they were carved.  We have no tools today that leave the kind of markings on the rocks that are visible under the microscope.  

Fresh Dinosaur Footprints in the mud?

Dr. Roy Mackal (an evolutionist) wrote a book titled "A Living Dinosaur?".  The book is out of print, but can still be purchased at this link:

Their web site is set up so that we can't link directly to that book.  You'll need to find it in their generic shopping link above.

On pages 320 and 321, there are a total of three photographs.  Two of them are of the area a living dinosaur was alleged to have been spotted in Africa in 1966.  The third is a very clear footprint in the dirt in that same area made by the creature.  It is no more than 1-day old at the time the photo was taken.  Click on the photos below to see a larger picture.  We've blown up the pictures to give you a more clear look at the photos.  Compare these footprints to casts made of known dinosaur footprints in a Utah coal mine at this link:

Area where the creature was spotted Close-up of the footprints

Here's what pages 317-318 of the book has to say about the prints.  It's a reprint of a letter Dr. Mackal received from Atelier Yvan Ridel, the person who took these photographs:

A member, as you are yourself, of the J.N.E. (Writers-journalists for Nature and Ecology), I am a professional photographer and passionate amateur naturalist.  This explains why I photograph, as the occasions arise just about every animal (wild ones, especially), that I counter -- from the smallest to the largest.  This is how I happened to have taken the slide I have enclosed (a duplicate), showing the footprint of what I believed at the time (1966) to be a hippopotamus, without even realizing that the foot that had made it had only 3 toes.  But, not thinking that far, I didn't believe it could be anything else, so filed the negative and scarcely thought of it again.

I ought to mention that this photo was taken in August or September of 1966 in the Congo (Brazza) on a steep river bank and that the animal's tracks lead out of a mass of reeds, crossed a little beach area and descended into the water...

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Although all of the books below are available for sale on a young earth creation web site, none of them promote the young earth creation world view except maybe the last one.  Most of them appear to have been written by evolutionists.  They can be purchased at:

Their web site is set up so that we can't link directly to that book.  You'll need to find it in their generic shopping link above.  Click on the links below to see the book covers and a brief description. To actually purchase them, you'll need to visit their web site above.

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