Does evolutionism turn people away from God?

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"As were many persons from Alabama, I was a born-again Christian. When I was fifteen, I entered the Southern Baptist Church with great fervor and interest in the fundamentalist religion; I left at seventeen when I got to the University of Alabama and heard about evolutionary theory."  Edward O. Wilson 1

We have made the point several times on our web site that the net effect of teaching evolutionism as 'fact' in the public schools is that it often turns people away from God.  Because evolutionism and creation contain so many irreconcilable differences, many people today have concluded that the Bible can't be trusted because they believe evolutionism has allegedly proven it wrong.  Some of the e-mails we've received either directly state that, or indirectly imply it. We thought it might be helpful to let you see just a small sampling of them.  We've removed all personally identifying information to protect the privacy of those who sent them.

On a related note, see our Discerning Media Bias in reporting on the creation versus evolutionism issue link for quotes from some leading evolutionists regarding their desire to use their positions as teachers to destroy the faith of their students.

Also see our The influence that atheists, humanists and agnostics have on the public school system link for more information on this topic.  Here is a sampling of some of the hate mail we've received.  See if you think evolution has had an influence on their perception of the veracity of the Bible.

"have you ever thought that your "god" is horse****, your just making up excuses for your small, ignorant pea sized brains. you people need to come to the harsh reality that there is nothing after this life and that every single religious book in the world was just made for quetions no one can answer and to give the people who read it a false sennse of satisfaction."

"You people are so completely f***ing moronic. How dumb can human beings possibly get? Look in the mirror and there is you answer. Your stupid little brainwashed cult needs to stop spitting out words on evolution when you OBVIOUSLY know not a single thing about it. Evolution is not a f***ing religion at all. Also, Evolution is not mathematically possible. Creationism is. The Bible says that an omnipotent being, created the earth and everything on it in 6 days. He also created everything out of nothing. This is literally impossible, it challenges all physics laws, so it cannot be done. Creationism is pure ignorance and BULL****. DON'T BE SO F***ING CLOSED MINDED YOU STUPID CHRISTIANS"

"Wow!!! A brief look at your website just proves your ignorance. You could say that I didn't read all your evidence, therefore the reason for my position. However, I heard and read the countless mis-guidings and bad psuedo-science you creationists try to pander. It is quite appearent that you have no real understanding of science, or even the world we live in. "Creationism science" is easily disproved if you open your eyes to the real facts. Keeping them closed to the real scientific evidence only hides you in the darkness from the truth. Unless you truely study both sides of the issue, you could see how asolutely wrong you are. You argue that many "scientists" have turned to creationism, and I say that any bible literalist that is freed from the chains of religious dogma has "seen the light" and converted to evolutionism. I've seen it many times, so don't bother stating otherwise. You are loosing ground, and you can't bear to see it happen. But when the word of evolutionism it know to all it is you who will become extinct. Have a nice day!"

"I think you arecfullmof garbage.8 or9 separate sciences prove evolution. You are stupigv ignoramuses who should no be PermitTed to poison the minds of impressionable children.We live in a universe that is 17000000000 yhears old. IT EVOLVED>ONLY IGNORAMUSES BELIEVE THAT CRAP> ABOUT CREATIONISM>"

"Hi, my name is XXXXX. I am very impressed with your well deigned and though out website. There is, however, one thing I need to point out. God didn't create the world in 7 days as it says in genesis. Actually, Satan created the world. Glad I could help."

You are liars. Your need for an emotional prop is pathetic. There is no evidence for any god. Your attempts to deny the reality of evolution is reminiscent of the Christian attempt to deny the Copernican world view and equally futile.

I do not understand how illogically you people think. Science gives 'proof' of many aspects of everyday life, while the bible is a load of rubbish invented by people to scare persons such as yourself. I think you are just scared of the 'so called' lord (ie, you have been brainwashed), and therefore you feel obliged to follow him/her. Think about it, just for a moment, and you will see that evolution makes sense, and the bible, which you follow, is a load of crap, full of meaningless metaphors.

If there was no religion, the world would be a better place, and people could devote their time for purposeful research, instead of following a made up idol.

Don't be scared of God - He doesn't exist.




1.  Wilson, Edward O., "Toward a Humanistic Biology," The Humanist, vol. 42 (September/October 1982), pp. 38-41, 56-58.