How to submit your Letter to the Editor or
Guest Article to us

1. Tell is the date you submitted it to the Columbus Dispatch or other newspaper (unless you're submitting a guest article that wasn't sent to anyone but us).
2. Include all the same information you gave the Columbus Dispatch or other newspaper so we can verify who sent the letter to us. We will not publish your phone numbers or address. The only identifying information we'll publish will be your name. We will not give away your information or sell it. We will not put you on any junk e-mail list. We only need it to verify who sent the letter to us.
3. Your e-mail address and/or web site will also be published, but only if you specifically request it when you send the letter to us.
4. Only plain text e-mail submissions will be accepted. Please do not send Word documents, etc.
5. If the Dispatch published your letter, but edited out key parts you felt should have been left in, send us the entire letter exactly as it was sent to the Dispatch (or other newspaper). Let us know which parts were edited out and we'll highlight them.
6. If you have a preference as to what the headline should be, please let us know. Otherwise, we'll choose one.
7. We reserve the right to refuse to publish any letter that we receive. However, our intention is to put as many as possible on our web site, so we hope that we won't have to reject too many of them. We will try to put as many of these letters on our web site as time permits us to do.
8. E-mail your submissions to on our Contact page.

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