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  Rebuttal to Columbus Dispatch article titled "Looking to create new high-tech jobs? Teach evolution." New

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Education related

The Problems with Age Segregated Teaching and Youth Groups   New

How Christians can maintain their faith in secular colleges or Christian colleges that have compromised Biblical truths

Colleges and Seminaries that teach a six-day literal Creation by God

A critical review of the new booklet titled "Science, Evolution, and Creationism," published by the National Academy of Sciences and Institute of Medicine.

Response to the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) release of its Anti-Christian, Anti-Science book Science, Evolution and Creationism

Former Evolutionists who became Creation Scientists

Debate between young earth creation scientist and evolutionists

Public comments on the proposed Ohio Science Standards as of 8-31-2002

How Religiously Neutral are the Anti-Creationist Organizations?


Spirit Contacts, paranormal, reincarnation, occult practices

What God tells us in the Bible about trying to communicate with the dead, ghosts, with other spirits, Reincarnation, Psychics and Aliens

James Van Praagh's Beyond TV show is spiritually dangerous

John Edward's Crossing Over TV show is spiritually dangerous


UFO's, aliens and alien abductions

A Biblical perspective of UFO's, Aliens and Alien Abductions - the demonic connections

A Biblical response to the History Channel "Ancient Aliens" series

Urantia Society cult (it goes by many other names, but has "Urantia" in all of them)


News Media

Discerning Media Bias in reporting on the creation versus evolutionism issue

Many in the Liberal Secular Media do Satan's bidding whether they realize it or not

Reporter Angela An of WBNS Channel 10 in Columbus, OH airs report about Teach the Controversy in Ohio's Science Standards September 9, 2002 in the 11 PM EST News

Separation of Church and State

Hard evidence that the "Separation of Church and State" is the extreme
opposite of what the Founding Fathers intended


Free legal help for Christians being persecuted for their faith

Christian Law Association

The American Center for Law and Justice - ACLJ

Alliance Defense Fund

Rutherford Institute



Overcoming Post Traumatic Stress Disorder syndrome PTSD A Biblical Approach By Rev. William R. Kimball

New web site has an abundance of archeological evidence of the co-existence of humans and dinosaurs

Ben Stein's documentary titled "Expelled- No Intelligence Allowed" champions the cause for true academic freedom where the teaching of evolution is concerned

Creation gift ideas

Legal Opinion from the CLA on Teaching of Evolution and Creationism in America’s Public Schools

Irreconcilable differences between creation and evolution

Does evolutionism turn people away from God?

The connection between Homosexuality and evolutionism

Arguments Creationists should not use

The Big Picture: 6 Days or billions of years; why does it matter?  

Corporal Punishment (spanking) is strongly supported by God in the Bible

Are you good enough to get into Heaven?

Topics on our web site that are of interest to members of the Military and their Families

Bible verses that warn us not to add-subtract from Biblical Revelations

Cults and Modern-Day False Prophets

God's Wrath and Chastisement

Is America being chastised by God?

Are Hell and Hades real? Have actual screams from Hell been recorded?

Bible prophecies concerning Jerusalem coming true in our lifetimes

Helping Military families to communicate with each other when they're far apart



Response to the report that aired about the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum that aired on Anderson Coopers 360 program on CNN on April 4, 2007

Oral Testimony given on March 7, 2000 to the Ohio Board of Education concerning the 12th Grade Proficiencies

Oral testimony to the OBE on 4-11-2000

Overview of what's happening with the Ohio Science standards, proficiencies, etc. (2000)

Our proposed rewording of the 12th grade competencies

Written Testimony given the the OBE regarding 12th Grade proficiencies


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Darwin's dead; Jesus isn't

Darwin's a Creationist now! 

A man who can kneel to God can stand up to anything

In the event of nuclear attack, prayer will be restored to the public schools

I broke the rules. I prayed in a public school. I'm such a menace to society

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