Plesiosaur-like creature seen by Yarru tribe in Australia

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The Creation ExNihilo Technical Journal featured the following picture on page 345 of Volume 12 (No 3) 1998 issue. Click on the picture below to see a larger version. Here is what the magazine had to say about this picture:

"There are many stories and legends of dragons, with descriptions fitting dinosaurs, supporting that man and dinosaur did in fact live together (supporting also a young age for the earth). Australian aboriginal folklore abounds with such stories, including references to plesiosaur-like creatures. Elders of the kuku Yalanji aboriginal tribe of Far North Queensland, Australia, relate stories of Yarru (or Yarrba), a creature which used to inhabit rain forest water holes. The painting in Figure 7 depicts a creature with features remarkably similar to a plesiosaur. It even shows an outline of the gastro-intestinal tract, indicating that these animals had been hunted and butchered."

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