Biblical response to the National Geographic Chasing UFOs series
A Biblical perspective of UFO's, Aliens and Alien Abductions
The demonic connection to this phenomenon

Last updated June 28, 2012

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Our position on UFOs and "aliens"

Reasons to believe demons and fallen angels are behind it

A message to our fellow Christians

For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if [it were] possible, they shall deceive the very elect.
Matthew 24:24 (KJV)


When secular experts like those featured in the National Geographic's "Chasing UFOs" and the History Channel's "Ancient Aliens" series examine alleged UFO and alien contact incidents, they almost always do it from a purely scientific perspective.  Looking for scientific explanations is a useful and necessary step that should always be taken.  Science can often help investigators determine if it was a hoax, or if there are other logical, natural explanations for what was seen and/or heard.  However, there are several reasons to be suspicious that at least some UFO and USO sightings and alleged alien contacts may be beyond the reach of scientific inquiry because they are spiritual in nature. Others may actually involve advanced technologies, but not from aliens from other planets.  In both cases, they have their roots directly or indirectly in the demonic realm and their ultimate goal is to deceive us and cause us great spiritual harm.

Some modern day examples (other than UFO's and aliens) of large groups of people being deceived by demons showing great "signs and wonders" (as the Bible refers to them), include:

Our position on UFOs and "aliens"

Our position on this is pretty straightforward.

  1. Most UFO sightings can be explained either as mistaken identities of something else, or as hoaxes perpetrated by people.  However, there is a smaller percentage of UFO and USO's (unidentified submerged objects), around 5%, that can be divided into these categories:
    • real craft not of human origin, but not from "aliens" either
    • real craft of human origin that are entirely human engineered (see this link)
    • real craft of human origin that were designed by humans with possible knowledge from the demonic realm
    • possibly some reverse engineered craft from recovered craft. However, the recovered craft are not from "alien" life forms
    • demonic illusions (I am suspicious that the majority of this 5% of UFO sightings and most or all alleged alien abductions fall into this category)

    The case for the existence of at least some real UFO aircraft (as opposed to demonic illusions) is a strong one.  There is a popular misconception that only guys named "Bubba" who are drunk at the time see them.  The reality is that they have been observed in recent times by fighter pilots from several countries, astronauts, commercial airline pilots, military security personnel, presidents, governors of states, air traffic controllers, hundreds of people at the same time in a particular city,  and in one of the most intriguing cases I've ever heard of 62 school children in Zimbabwe.  Of course in all these cases, witnesses and secular investigators attach an "alien" explanation to what was observed if they can't explain it any other way.  In none of these instances do they even consider a possible demonic connection.  Instead, they are falling prey to the lies that these alleged aliens care about us and are making contact with us for that purpose.  For its part, the Christian church is mostly silent on these sightings and alleged abductions and seems content to remain blissfully ignorant about them regardless of the compelling evidence all around them that there is an explosive growth of this activity, and that a lot of it is coming from highly reliable witnesses.

    For excellent examples of testimony by what appear to be mostly highly credible witnesses, watch these videos of witnesses uncovered by the U.F.O. Disclosure Project in front of audiences of international journalists at the National Press Club. Warning - there's a lot of left leaning propaganda during the the introductions and from some of the witnesses in some of the presentations at the National Press Club  that I am in no way endorsing.  The reason for putting a link to these videos on this page is because they provide one of the best opportunities I've seen so far to watch what appear to be highly credible witnesses (most of them) give their testimonies first hand. Keep in mind that these witnesses are all testifying in front of members of the National Press Club (, an organization of professional journalists.  They are an audience that has the knowledge and know how to verify at least some of what they are saying, including whether or not they are really who they say they are.  The "I know what I saw" documentary, especially the Mercury astronaut who was an eye witness to a UFO that touched down on a military base right in plain view of him and several others on the base is also very compelling.

    2001 presentation    (1 hr 56 mins)

    2007 presentation    (1 hr 37 mins)

    I know what I saw      ( 1 hr 32 mins -    History Channel documentary where many
                                                                     witnesses from the 2007 meeting gave
                                                                     follow-up interviews.  Also many original
                                                                     audio tapes of events, reenactments, and
                                                                     other highly credible witnesses.)

    2010 presentation    (1 hr 28 mins)

    You will most likely walk away from these four videos with the following thoughts:

    • They are being seen by highly credible witnesses
    • They have likely been engaged at times by fighter planes from various countries
    • They do possess highly advanced capabilities that are far beyond what our known aircraft can do
    • Very clear pictures and videos of them do exist, but are being hidden from the public
    • The US government does have access to far more information than it claims it does, but is probably keeping it quiet in part to avoid causing widespread panic if they admitted that craft are flying around in our skies that we have little to no control over, and that there are intelligent beings who are far beyond our scientific capabilities.

    What you will not see in any of these videos is even the slightest consideration that the demonic realm could be behind what is going on.  You will not see any religious leaders from any religious group being interviewed.  Even if the producers gave conservative Christian religious leaders the opportunity to explain whether or not the Bible sheds any light on what is going on, I suspect that few if any would have taken them up on their offer.  If that is true, it is most unfortunate because it leaves the false impression that the Bible is silent on these issues when in fact it does not appear to be.  It also allows the lost (non-saved) to totally control the public agenda, discussion and analysis, and gives the demonic realm unfettered access and control of nearly every source of information and analysis that there is on these topics. Our conservative Christian churches are tremendous sources of godly insights, inspiration, training and love in a lost world that badly needs their insights and leadership.  Through the power of God, and the godly men who lead them, they are a tremendous blessing to their local communities and the nation as a whole in those ways that they choose to be involved.  However, I am saddened to say that in my humble opinion, they are for the most part AWOL on this issue and are missing a huge opportunity to influence the debate in ways that a society hungry for answers needs them to be involved. 

    One category of UFO's mentioned above is the ones that probably have been created by humans.  One example is the one created by Otis T. Carr, a protégé of famous inventor Nicola Tesla (click here for details).  According to this 10 minute documentary, Tesla possessed scientific knowledge far in advance of his time.  At least one of his greatest inventions appeared in his mind almost instantaneously.  He suffered most of his life from "hallucinations" and other thoughts that tormented him.  Several years ago I knew a man who was running a successful graphics art business.  I saw some of his work which was amazing.  I noticed that some of his work involved 3D images that had what appeared to be ancient hieroglyphics in them. I asked him about it and he told me he was able to read and write hieroglyphics literally overnight.  After further probing, I learned that he had been in contact with eight "spirit guides" (what he called them).  They each had a name, and some were more powerful than others.  Even after I warned him he was in contact with demons or fallen angels, he insisted that he wanted to stay in contact with them because they were "helping" him so much with his business (see our Spirits link for more information about people who have contacts with spirits).  

    I see many similarities between the Nicola Tesla story and his.  I'm not saying Tesla was definitely getting information from the demonic realm, but I am suggesting that given the tormented life he appears to have lead, the nature of that torment (very similar to known demonic harassment activity), and his amazing scientific insights, it's a possibility that should not be ruled out.  He may very well have been able to understand the concepts of how to build a working flying saucer with that kind of help, and may have been experiencing demonic harassment or even possession.  Because Tesla was such a major influence in the career of Otis T. Carr, it is reasonable to conclude that Tesla may have passed on to Carr the scientific knowledge needed to build a working saucer, and that it may have been knowledge that originated from demonic sources.

  2. The alleged "aliens" have almost certainly been involved in contacts with humans in the past and in the present going back thousands of years.

  3. In some cases, these creatures may be real biological entities who possess scientific knowledge far beyond our own.  However, I recently read a lengthy article (8 chapters long) at this link that makes a fairly good case that they may all be the result of demonic trickery.  The only weakness I saw in this article is that it didn't seem to adequately address this Bible verse, which does seem to suggest that fallen angels can indeed cause human women to have evil biological offspring:

    There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare [children] to them, the same [became] mighty men which [were] of old, men of renown. Genesis 6:4

    "Sons of God" are fallen angels (angels kicked out of heaven along with Satan for rebelling against God). I still suspect most UFO and alien appearances are due to demonic trickery, but am not yet convinced that 100% of them are.

  4. They are 100% evil. They are not aliens from other planets.  They have been here on Earth all along. They do NOT have our best interests in mind, and any suggestions they make to the contrary are a smoke screen intended to deceive us.

    Therefore rejoice, [ye] heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.
    Revelations 12:12 (KJV)
  5. Their ultimate goal is to undermine the authority of the Bible and to distract the world away from the truths it contains.  It would also appear that they may intend to use the cover story of ET's removing people from earth as an explanation for a possible rapture of Christians (their removal from Earth by Jesus prior to a 7 year tribulation period).  They will pretend to be looking out for our best interests, and many of the biblically uninformed will accept their misleading messages.

  6. The reason they are being so evasive as far as highly visible appearances to the general public is concerned and are giving us only sneak peeks at this time might be because they a) are being restrained by God and b) are still in the process of preparing us so that the uninformed will welcome them as "aliens" from another planet when they do fully manifest themselves.  At some point during the coming 7 year tribulation period, God's restraint will be lifted.  Thanks to a long string of popular alien movies in which the alleged aliens are depicted as harmless and caring about us, and the recent efforts of programs like the History Channel's Ancient Aliens series,  we are now much closer than we were years ago to the point of being ready to accept their misleading ET cover story (except for the Christians who know better).

  7. I have read enough alleged "alien abduction" stories to know without a doubt that those who aren't perpetrating hoaxes or who aren't having true psychological problems, are indeed having these experiences.  Those who mock and ridicule them simply don't know what they're talking about. Secular (non Christian) psychologists and psychiatrists who attribute all of their experiences to some kind of mental problem are also clueless in my opinion when demonic activity is really what's behind it.  I believe the abductees are being absolutely honest about experiences they've had, because what they are experiencing is in so many ways similar to other types of demonic harassment.  

    Alleged alien abductions rarely if ever occur with real Christians.  People who claim to have had abduction experiences are frequently those who are involved in some occult activities, or who may have family members involved in those activities that have drawn the attention of demons into their homes. Some invite the abduction problem into their lives by actively seeking out opportunities to have contact with what they mistakenly believe are aliens.  Sometimes its a generational thing passed down from ancestors involved in these activities.  They are open to being deceived by demons because they probably are not saved, and have little to no protection from the only person who can protect them from this demonic activity, the God of the Bible. They are also normally not aware of the fact that in many cases they can stop the harassment by invoking the name of Jesus Christ and sincerely asking him to intervene on their behalf.  Many will find out real quick who they're really dealing with when they do this because the true God of the Bible is the one person the demonic realm are absolutely terrified of.  

    Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble.
    James 2:19  (King James Version)

    We are born into this world on the losing side of a cosmic spiritual war.  There is no neutral ground. You are either lost (you have not accepted Jesus as your savior) and working for Satan's cause by default, or saved and working for God's cause.  The only way to get onto the winning side is by accepting Jesus Christ as your savior.

    And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven. And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.
    Revelations 12:7-9 (KJV)
  8. I have personally known or have had e-mail communications with approximately 50 people who were (or still are) having direct contacts with demons or fallen angels. They see and/or hear them while they are awake, in much the same way alien abductees see the various forms of alleged aliens (see our Spirits page for more info). I have been present with some of them when these incidents occurred. In 95% or more of the cases, they mistakenly believed they were communicating with "good" spirits, deceased relatives or friends and/or spirit guides.  People who don't believe these things actually happen are very uninformed about this issue.  

    There are many similarities between what they are told by the demons that communicate with them and the messages alleged UFO abductees receive. The common thread is that in both cases they falsely claim to have good intentions and want the humans they contact to rely on them for guidance.  I have two living relatives and two deceased ones who have been involved in a UFO cult for many years. As far as this cult is concerned, members normally are not directly contacted by demons as far as I know. However, at least two of my relatives involved in this cult have had past involvement in seeing demons (prior to their involvement with this cult) that they mistakenly believed were "good" spirits.  The common thread among all three of these demon/human interactions is that the guidance the demons offer, whether it be through direct contacts or through cult materials, is always a distraction away from saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, and to attempt to destroy the credibility of the Bible.

  9. The whole UFO/alien phenomena is part of a much larger web of deception from Satan, demons and fallen angels that includes evolutionism, relativism, political correctness, the various false religions, the world-wide Marian apparitions, UFO cults, etc.  

  10. Those who have had abduction experiences can very often stop them by calling on Jesus Christ to help them. People being harassed by demons in other ways (i.e. spirit guides, alleged deceased relatives appearing to them, etc.) can do the same thing.  See this link for more information.

  11. If in fact the true church is raptured off the earth by Jesus Christ in the near future, it would appear that the demonic realm is already gearing up to explain it to those left behind that UFO's took those who disappeared to get them out of the way.  See this article for more details.  As time permits, more articles will be added that support this contention.

  12. The Bible does appear to have a great deal to say about this phenomena, and that if it actually does, Christian leaders have an obligation to get themselves educated about what it actually says, and to share that knowledge with their congregations and communities in the same way they do any other Bible doctrines.  The best source of on-line information I've been able to find so far is the audio series with accompanying PowerPoint presentations at this link titled "Alien Encounters".  I am not endorsing everything he says, especially his speculation about a fourth dimension, but his Bible interpretation provides the best explanation from a Biblical perspective that I've seen so far from any other Christian on the matter.  The best way to listen to this series on-line is to open up the PowerPoint presentation for the section you'll listen to, and follow along in it as you listen to the audio.  They also sell an accompanying book and DVD at these links:

Alien Encounters book
Return of the Nephilim


Reasons to believe demons, not aliens are behind some of it

Quotes from: Ancient Aliens "The Return" (2010) on The History Channel

Narrator: "What would happen after any potential extraterrestrial contact is open to much speculation.  But most people concede one thing. The world as we know it would change dramatically."

Subsequent comments from Dr. Steven M. Greer, Director of The Disclosure Project:  "The result would be that the fundamentalist orthodox belief systems of every organized religion on earth would collapse, meaning that it would really bring into question the origins of the human race, the Genesis stories, and a whole lot of other issues."

Here are several reasons to be concerned that some UFO and alien manifestations may be demonic deceptions.  You can read more about several of them at the links below.

  1. The number one reason to suspect demonic deceptions is that people who have cried out to Jesus Christ for help in the middle of an abduction experience have successfully stopped the abduction dead in its tracks.  The exact same thing happens when people being visited by spirits that manifest themselves in other ways (women in flowing white gowns, children, etc.) challenge the spirit by demanding that they state their allegiance to Jesus Christ, and by calling on Jesus right then and there remove them.  I have personally invoked this protection in the face of demonic harassment and it absolutely works!  It works because Jesus gives us this promise:

    And it shall come to pass, [that] whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.  Acts 2:21 (KJV)

    Secular experts who have interviewed alleged "alien abductees" have publicly stated that abductees are normally unable to stop the abduction events. The notable exceptions that they won't publicly admit to are those who have called on Jesus to stop them, and were successful.  See this link for some examples of this.  That link is a mixture of personal testimonies of people experiencing both alien abduction and other types of demonic harassment.  There is an excellent video streaming presentation from a man who has interviewed 400+ alien abductees.  You will see several abductees being introduced who have actually stopped the harassment, including one woman and her husband who have appeared on many TV programs about their abduction experiences.  None of the secular TV programs were honest enough to follow-up and tell their viewing audiences that this couple had ultimate victory through Jesus Christ over what they had previously thought were aliens they had no control over.  I encourage you to spend an hour and watch this powerful presentation at this link.  Scroll down and click on the presentation titled "Unholy Communion".

  2. I recall a TV program a few years ago where a commercial airline pilot was interviewed about a UFO that he and his co-pilot observed.  They said it came at them head on at very high speed.  It passed very close to their plane, so close that they should have felt a strong jolt from it's shock wave.  But they felt and heard nothing at all.  The pilot was completely mystified as to how that could have happened. If it was a solid object, it should have been displacing air as it moved, and caused such a jolt to his aircraft. It should also have generated a sonic boom if it was super-sonic, but it didn't. If it was a spiritual manifestation, that would make perfect sense.  In another case two Belgium F-16's gave chase to a UFO that was tracked at speeds faster than the speed of sound. Yet nobody on the ground heard a sonic boom (see this link for details).  We're not suggesting that all of these types of incidents are the result of demonic deceptions.  There may be valid scientific explanations for many of them (see this link). We are suggesting that in the study of the occult and demons, deceptive imagery produced by demons and/or fallen angels isn't an unusual occurrence, and that some of these incidents could be the result of this kind of trickery.

  3. Another TV program featured two police officers in Belgium who had observed and followed a huge UFO in the sky for several miles.  Finally, this huge object changed shape into a much smaller glowing white ball, then shot up quickly into the sky. You can see a TV report about this incident at this link. They seemed quite puzzled as to how it could have changed its shape into something so dramatically different.  In a similar but different sighting, several military police officers observed an object break into five smaller pieces, fly at high speeds while making sharp right angles, and not show up on radar.  You can read about this second incident at this link. If these were spiritual manifestations, all of these observations would make perfect sense.

  4. The overwhelming majority of people who believe they've had actual contact with aliens are predisposed to believing in UFO's and aliens, making them more susceptible to demonic trickery.  Especially vulnerable are people who belong to UFO cults like Urantia.  For more information about why these people are so vulnerable to being mislead, see UFOs: The Hidden AgendaLegitimizing these anti-Christian cults and their New Age doctrines may be one of the motives Satan and other demons have for engaging in these deceptions. All of these cults and New Age groups deny Jesus as our Savior. Many also deny the existence of Hell.

  5. Many UFO's have been observed making sharp 90 degree turns and accelerating at rates that seem to defy the laws of physics. Some of these turns and acceleration rates would generate such high G-forces that it's unlikely that any biological living creature inside could survive. However, a spirit could easily do this.  You can see a TV report about this incident at this link (second half of this report).

  6. Many UFO's don't show up on radar.  The existence of stealth aircraft could explain some of the sightings.  However, it is also true that if it was a spiritual manifestation, it could choose to show up on radar one time, and not show up another.  

  7. UFO's are often seen moving at speeds far faster than the speed of sound.  Yet I personally have never heard of a single instance where a sonic boom was heard. 

  8. In most cases, virtually no noise is heard emanating from the UFO.  If it was in some cases a spiritual manifestation, that would make perfect sense.

  9. I have seen only a few reports of aliens allegedly passing along messages that had some kind of a religious connotation.  In virtually every case, the message contradicted the Bible on significant doctrines, and was consistent with some of the beliefs of some UFO cults and other New Age groups (for some examples, see this link).

  10. There are strong similarities between what survivors of Satanic rituals experience and UFO abductees, a further indication that those who are behind both types of abuse are on in the same. See this link for a comparison.

I would not be surprised to turn on the news someday and see a report about a confirmed "alien" contact.  If it were to happen, you can bet that at some point, these "higher beings" who are allegedly so much more "evolved" than us are going to start poisoning the spiritual waters with dangerous doctrines that are in direct conflict with the Bible.  I'm not suggesting that open contact with an alleged alien will definitely occur.  But if it ever does occur, the purpose will most likely be to lead people away from a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. It would also be consistent with the Biblical warning stated in the Bible verse at the top of this page. 

We should also not be surprised if most scientists would be deceived by such an event.  Most scientists today are atheists or agnostics.  They have a predisposition to ignore spiritual explanations and would likely attempt to explain such phenomena in light of their materialistic, naturalistic philosophical biases.  These are the same biases that cause so many of them to be deceived by the lies of evolution, and to ignore God's clear warnings about the Evolution myth.

For those of us who know that God's Word, the Bible is the truth, none of this should come as any surprise.  It would be yet another example of a grand deception by Satan and his followers to lead the uninformed and unaware by the nose into the depths of Hell for all of eternity. 

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: 1 Peter 5:8

In my opinion, the media needs to start including this possible spiritual explanation in its reports when it does stories about alleged UFO's and aliens.  Additionally, the church needs to quit ignoring this issue and get much more active in warning and educating people about it. 


A message to our fellow Christians

We want to encourage you to get serious about educating yourselves about this issue, and get busy dealing with it in your local churches.  As a church, we largely sat on the sidelines and watched while Senator Lyndon Johnson (who later became president) introduced a bill that took away some of our free speech by telling us we couldn't get involved in political activities if we want to be tax exempt.  We mostly stayed on the sidelines while the evolutionism myth went largely unchallenged in the public arena and grew in its acceptance even though God warned us many centuries ago that this myth would be prevalent in the last days. Even today many church leaders still do not recognize the damage that it has caused to the credibility of scriptures, and they foolishly continue to treat it as a back burner issue.   

We are making the same mistakes with the UFO/alien phenomena.  We are being viciously attacked by Satan and his allies and seem largely clueless about it.  We waste precious time in our youth groups playing games and holding our youth to very low standards when we should be vigilantly watching what is happening in our world, and training them (and all the adults) how to effectively deal with these clever deceptions from Satan and his kind.  In my opinion, we are becoming more and more impotent as effective ambassadors for truth as we continue to drift further away from the realities of the spiritual battles that confront us.  It doesn't have to be this way.

The Lord is working behind the scenes and thankfully we can always count on his sovereign will to be influencing events. However, he also expects us to remain vigilant and to do our part in standing for the truth.  If we cede our responsibilities to boldly proclaim God's truths to atheist scientists and the Satan controlled media (like the History Channel), how will those who are not saved through faith in Jesus Christ ever know the truth if we won't tell them?  Why don't we already have a well coordinated response?  Why are so many of these battles being fought almost exclusively by Para church organizations instead of the churches themselves? 

Please do your God given jobs and get involved in this fight in a meaningful way.  If you really claim to love those who are lost, then stop sitting on the sidelines or wasting time on busy work while they are being lead by their noses to their eternal spiritual slaughters by demonic influences they do not understand or in many cases don't even believe exist.  We are in the last days. Let's stop wasting time and start fighting the good fight for our Lord, and for the lost who don't yet know the truth about these issues.  Do you love them enough to inconvenience yourselves to get involved in this fight?  I hope the answer for more of you will be "yes".  Jesus first loved us when we were unlovable, and awash in sins against his pure and holy nature. Jesus was willing to die for us to pay for our sins because we could not pay the debt ourselves.  We need to follow his example and show that same kind of love towards those who mock and hate us.  If we don't get more active at speaking up for the truth in the public arena (not just inside our churches), then who will?



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