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(aired September 24 - 27, 2001)

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PBS aired a very one-sided, highly misleading pro-evolutionism series titled "Evolution" from September 24 - 27.  This page contains a collection of excellent resources for obtaining the opposing views from both the scientific and Biblical perspectives.  It also brings to light PBS's censorship of three videos that would have presented compelling opposing arguments had PBS allowed them to be aired.


Opposing Views
Answers in Genesis Ministries exposes PBS's Evolution deception
Discovery Institute makes free viewers guide with opposing views available
13 days after 9/11 attack, Darwinists launch bold assault against children of America


Censorship - what PBS won't let you see

PBS censors the airing of Dr. Gentry's two videos
PBS censors airing of "A Question of Origins" video
Air this censored video on your local cable access or PBS channel
Take steps to end the censorship at PBS
Poll reveals that PBS is ignoring 81% of Americans who want to hear both sides
8 videos PBS could air to give a real opposing view to the Evolution series


PBS Censors airing of "A Question of Origins" video

An individual who wanted both sides of the issue to be aired on PBS contacted the Institute for Creation Research ( and asked them what they (ICR) felt was the best video program available that presented the scientific arguments for creation and against evolution.  ICR recommend "A Question of Origins".  This person then approached PBS and asked them to air "A Question of Origins" after the PBS series Evolution aired to present the opposing view (click here to watch "A Question of Origins" on-line).  But because of the wall of protection that the "believers" of evolutionism have built around their failed theory to shield it from criticism, PBS wouldn't air it.   Given PBS's past track record of bias against anything that could undermine the religion of evolutionism, this was no surprise.

We suspect that the reason they refused is because they're afraid of the serious harm it would do to evolutionism to allow a program as compelling as "A Question of Origins" to air. It would also highlight their past biases against the opposing views to evolutionism (most if not all past programs on PBS concerning evolutionism have also been one-side, pro-evolutionism propaganda).  If one could see this program and others like it back-to-back against the Evolution series, it would be quite obvious how one-sided and misleading the Evolution series actually is.  

The only way evolutionists can ever hope to win this argument is through the continuing censorship of materials like this.  It is unlikely that evolution could survive as a viable scientific theory in mainstream science if the blatant censoring of the opposing arguments and evidence against it were no longer allowed.  This is an intolerable situation in a free society, especially by an organization like PBS which is taxpayer funded, and that is supposed to be unbiased.  

If you want to see this excellent program in spite of PBS's efforts to prevent you from doing so, you can order a copy or watch it on-line right now.  It may also be available in your local library.  If you live in the Columbus, Ohio area, copies are available through the Columbus Libraries.  If your library doesn't own a copy, we encourage you to purchase a few and donate them to your local library.  Then promote them as much as you can in your schools, churches, etc.  You can even write a Letter to the Editor of your local newspaper to promote them.

This program may be ordered from this link or by calling 1-877-370-7770, or from American Portrait Films at 1-800-736-4567.  It is also available in the Columbus, Ohio Libraries.  We strongly encourage you to watch it and see for yourself how compelling the mathematical and scientific arguments for creation, and against evolutionism are.  The Evolution series won't be honest enough to tell you about these things.
 ISBN 1-57341-100-0
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Note:  Netscape users may have difficulty getting the video to play on-line.  Use Internet Explorer instead if that happens.


Air this censored video on your local cable access or PBS channel

While PBS chose to censor the airing of this program, you may still be able to get it on the air in your area.  Many cities have public access cable channels where it can be shown.  A shorter 58-minute version is available that is suitable for this purpose.  For permission to air it on your local cable access or your local PBS channels, contact Jim Tetlow at, or call him at (716) 248-2010.  


Answers in Genesis exposes PBS's Evolution deception

Answers In Genesis Ministries (AiG) has put together a comprehensive response to PBS's Evolution series.  Since a major focus of the series is to influence politicians and teachers, it is vital that the opposing views be viewed by these groups and others. To read more about AiG's response, see  Ken Ham exposes PBS Evolution deception.  AiG's response includes:

  • An on-line video by Ken Ham you can watch right now that explains why this series is such a problem.
  • A critique of each program in the Evolution series each evening it airs.  We'll be making copies of these response available for download from our web site as well.
AiG's response to Episode 1: Darwin's dangerous idea
AiG's response to Episode 2: Great transformations
AiG's response to Episode 3: Extinction!
AiG's response to Episode 4: The Evolutionary arms race
AiG's response to Episode 5: Why sex?
AiG's response to Episode 6: The mind's Big Bang
AiG's response to Episode 7: What about God?
Refuting Evolution book.  Refuting Evolution is a general critique of the most up-to-date arguments for evolution to challenge educators, students, and parents. $10.99, or $1.00 in quantities of 84 or more (plus shipping).  


PBS censors the airing of Dr. Gentry's two videos

Dr. Robert Gentry, Nuclear Physicist, produced two videos that refute evolution, and provide compelling scientific evidence for a young earth.  We originally reported on this web page that PBS made them available for download by local PBS stations.  It now appears that that was not the case.  The videos were actually made available to local PBS stations on July 20 by the National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA).  The videos are titled "The Young Age of the Earth" and "Fingerprints of God".  The recommendation to PBS from NETA was for them to be aired after the Evolution series.  According to the most recent information we have, PBS itself never supported the airing of these videos. 

Apparently, several local PBS stations did download them via satellite around July 20, but based on the latest information we have so far, only eight local stations have decided to show them.  TV Guide and National Public Radio (NPR) have also contacted Dr. Gentry to get more information about the videos.   It is important that we all contact our local PBS stations and demand that these two videos be aired.  

We have shown both of Dr. Gentry's videos on our Community 21 program (when it was still on the air) and got very favorable responses from them.  The Evolution series is seven programs.  In addition to asking our local PBS stations to air Dr. Gentry's videos, we also need to keep the pressure on PBS to air the "A Question of Origins" video that they so far have refused to air also.  Dr. Gentry's tapes have a very specific scientific focus.  The "A Question of Origins" tape is much more broad in its approach, covering three scientific disciplines as well as presenting some of the mathematical improbabilities of evolution occurring.  Therefore, it's important that we insist that all three videos be aired.  Given the fact that the Evolution series was seven episodes, this is a reasonable request.

If you're not familiar with Dr. Gentry's work and background, we have a web page dedicated to it.  It includes archives of two very interesting radio interviews he did here in the Columbus, Ohio area.  One deals with his research on polonium halos (the main topic of his two videos), and the other on red shift.  Our page for Dr. Gentry is at this link.  Dr. Gentry's web site is  


Discovery Institute makes free viewers guide available

The Discovery Institute got advanced copies of all the programs and critiqued them.  They put together an excellent 152 page viewers guide for the series that identifies the misinformation and significant omissions from the programs.  They are recommending that you read about each program in the series prior to watching it so you'll know what to watch out for.

A special web site has been set up by the Discovery Institute where you can download a free copy of their viewers guide.  You may also order hardcopies of it.  The URL is   However, because of a threatened lawsuit, they'll be changing the URL to  Older copies of the viewers guide may refer to the obsolete site. The copy we have available for download below still refers to the old site.  We'll make the updated guide available on our site as soon as it's available.

The guide is a PDF document.  If you don't have an Adobe PDF viewer, you can download that for free as well.

Download the free Viewers Guide


Take steps to end the censorship at PBS

We encourage you to contact your local PBS station and insist that they air this video (and Dr. Gentry's two videos), and that they not participate in the censorship of the opposing views to evolutionism.  America deserves to hear both sides of this story, and this kind of un-American attack on free speech needs to come to a permanent end at PBS.

We are encouraging you to contact your US SenatorUS House of Representatives member, President Bush and Vice-President Cheney and consider asking them to do the following:

  • Put pressure on PBS to permanently end this kind of censorship. 
  • Establish an oversight committee that monitors what PBS is doing to help assure that they always take a balanced approach in what they put on the air.
  • Ask them to help us get the opposing views to evolutionism onto PBS for national airing.  For starters, get "A Question of Origins", and Dr. Gentry's two  videos (Fingerprints of God and The Young Age of the Earth) aired nationally on PBS in the near future.  
  • Ask them to end all public funding for PBS if they refuse to stop their policies of censorship.  
  • If possible, replace the existing management at PBS with new leaders that will be more responsive to the concerns of all people in the nation, not just the liberals. 

Feel free to refer to this web page in your e-mails for background information.  To see the e-mail we sent to members of the US Congress about this, see this link.

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