Patrick Young, Ph.D.
Chemist and Materials Scientist

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Patrick Young, Ph.D.


First comments on the proposed new ODE Science Standards
Second Comments on the proposed new ODE Science Standards
June 11, 2002 Oral Testimony to the ODE re: Science Standards
Audio Excerpts from recent lectures
February 3, 2002 TV with WBNS Channel 10 in Columbus, OH 

We would like to introduce our readers to a scientist that believes in a literal six day creation. His name is Dr. Patrick H. Young. He currently resides in Virginia but was a native of Ohio for several years.  Due to his strong scientific credentials, and his commitment to serving our Lord, we have decided to dedicate a section of our web site to his work. This section contains letters to the editor, his comments on science standards to the Ohio Department of Education, articles written for the website and peer reviewed articles published elsewhere. This link will also be used to notify the public of when and where he may be doing speaking engagements. If you would like to have him speak at your school, church or other organization, please feel free to contact him.

Dr. Young chooses the content that appears on his web pages on this site ( While in most cases it will be in harmony with our philosophies, beliefs and positions at the Young Earth Creation Club, there may be an occasional difference of opinion. We believe it is important that Dr. Young has the freedom to express his opinions, in his own words, even if they do occasionally differ from ours. Therefore, we do not censor in any way the content he chooses to place in his pages on our site.

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