Geomagnetic Reversals and Their Significance to End Time Events
by Patrick Young, Ph.D.


It was Albert Einstein who said that the origin of the Earth’s magnetic field was one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in physics. While there have been noble attempts by evolutionists to explain the magnetic field (e.g. the dynamo theory), they fall short in accounting for several critical observations such as rapid polarity reversals.1 Regardless of our inability to explain its origin or how it operates, the Earth’s magnetic field is of vital importance because it provides a shield from the cosmic radiation originating from space.2

Cosmic radiation by definition encompasses all energy emanating from the sun (solar component) and the other galaxies of the universe (galactic component). This radiation is energetic enough to displace charged particles from atoms causing the splitting of molecules in living cells. These reactions will propagate the formation of free radicals which in turn, result in possible mutation effects. Oscillating cosmic radiation is also believed to provoke climatic variations and perhaps, even mass extinction events. The strength of our magnetic field will determine the amount of cosmic radiation that will reach our atmosphere, and thus the magnitude of ionizing particles disturbing life on Earth.3

The compass is a proven method to determine directionality due to the constancy, strength, and polarity of the Earth’s magnetic field. A compass consists of a magnetized object moving freely on an axis, allowing it to line up with the Earth’s magnetic north and south direction. In the same manner, geologic sediments can provide data on the past strength and polarity fluctuations of the Earth’s magnetic field (paleomagnetic data). Some volcanic eruptions produce lava and ash that may contain magnetic material consequently leaving a historical record of the Earth’s magnetic field intensity and direction.4 The Earth’s magnetic field history may also be studied using man made objects such as bricks and pottery. These artifacts may contain magnetic iron oxides revealing the direction and magnitude of the Earth’s magnetic flux when they last cooled to room temperature.5

There is a great deal of scientific data supporting the concept that the Earth’s magnetic field has fluctuated wildly and reversed many times in the past.6 Paleomagnetic analysis shows that while the geologic strata were being laid down, the Earth’s magnetic field reversed its direction hundreds of times.7 Evolutionists have interpreted this as catastrophic to creationists because (1) field intensity reversals of a magnet originating from circulated molten material (dynamo theory) are expected to be slow, and (2) the gradualism belief of billions of years to lay down layers of geologic strata.8 However, there is mounting evidence that complete geomagnetic reversals have occurred in the past in a matter of months or days.9,10

Utilizing the information that geomagnetic reversals could happen very quickly, D. R. Humphreys postulated that the field intensity of the Earth’s surface fluctuated wildly up and down during the third millennium (the deluge) before Christ. A final fluctuation slowly increased in intensity until it reached a peak at about the time of Christ and it has been decreasing ever since.11 Humphreys theorized that strong flows of the fluid in the Earth’s core could produce enough of a disturbance to result in rapid magnetic reversals during the global flood (dynamic decay theory).12

Humphreys’ conclusions are interesting because Jesus Christ made several statements about the signs proceeding His Second Coming. One curious quotation is found in Matthew 24:37 which states, "But for as the days of Noah were, so shall the coming of the Son of Man be." Since the third millennium before Christ is the accepted chronology for the global flood, Christians may find it interesting that scientific papers have been published recently suggesting that conditions are suitable for a wildly fluctuating and eventual reversal of the Earth’s magnetic field.13 This determination is due to data obtained from both the Oersted and Magstat satellites concluding a very rapid decline in the Earth’s magnetic field over the past 150 years.14,15

While almost all theologians assign prophetic end time significance to "the days of Noah", they usually identify with biblical passages indicating the moral climate of the time such as, "they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage." However, there are other episodes surrounding the flood that may be important to consider in this timeline. Since Humphreys supports a wildly fluctuating and reversing field intensity during the time of the flood there could be prophetic importance attached to the fact that the Earth’s magnetic field may be poised to repeat this event.

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