Letter to the editor of the Cleveland Plain Dealer in
response to a highly biased editorial they recently ran

by: Patrick Young, Ph.D.
This letter to the Editor was submitted to the Cleveland Plain Dealer 
on August 27, 2002 but so far has not been published

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To The Editor;

The Plain Dealer editorial on "Intelligent Design" appearing 08/24/02, demonstrates complete ignorance of what the science standards debate is all about.

Evolutionists and the news media are perpetrating the idea that intelligent design is some covert attempt to get religion into science class.

Realistically this is nothing but the misguided ramblings of several very fertile imaginations. Intelligent design thrives as a scientific theory because Darwinian evolution is inept at explaining several complex bio-molecular processes.

Learning science has little to do with "accepted scholarly thinking."

Science is about critical thinking and drawing valid conclusions from experimentally reproducible data. Even the evolutionist Carl Sagan said, "appeals to authority are impermissible and experiments must be reproducible." A Ph.D. in a scientific discipline basically says you have demonstrated the ability to conduct an independent research program and learn / understand complex ideas on your own. The degree does not guarantee you a perch on some philosophical pedestal where the lesser-educated underlings bow to your every word.

Finally, our children are not foolish. They recognize that the evolutionists have made this debate an ad hominem argument because the scientific foundation of intelligent design is valid. The Plain Dealer predicts that requiring the teaching of the evidence for and against evolution will make Ohio an "intellectual laughingstock." While this statement borders on absurd, sometimes doing the right thing will result in nothing but heartache. As our children watch Ohio make this decision, just what do we want them to learn about the backbone of their parents, School Board, legislature, and Governor?

Patrick Young, Ph.D.
Canal Winchester, Ohio 

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