Selected Seminars by Patrick Young, Ph.D.

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Upcoming Seminar on 10/31 - 11/1/2003

Dr. Young will be one of the featured speakers at the upcoming CRSEF Cosmology Conference 2003.  The conference will be held at Ohio State University in the Fawcett Center on Friday, October 31, 2003 and Saturday, November 1, 2003.  For more information about this seminar, see this link.


Dr. Young's Seminars

Talks may be tailored to the scientifically inclined or novice

  • "The Importance of Genesis"

- Should Genesis be studied
- The concept of the original sin

- Christianity and Genesis

  • "In The Beginning God Created Time"

- Fallacies in Radiochemical Dating
- Stalking the Time Domain
- Godís Stretch Factor
- We Have No Excuse

  • "Has Science Proven Genesis Wrong?"

- Bias in Science
Racism and Evolution
- What has Science found
- The Evolution of Lies
- Where are the Transitional Forms
- Birds from Reptiles
- Making a Man out of Monkeys
- Life from Nonlife
- Irreducible Complexity

  • "The Geologic Column"
- Fact or Fiction
- What does it actually show
- Can it be explained by the Flood


There is rarely a speaking charge for these seminars. Nominal travel expenses may be requested.

To Schedule a Seminar Email: Contact Dr. Young

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