Rebuttals to the Ohio Science Standards
Articles in support of Teach the Controversy
by Patrick Young Ph.D.


Patrick Young, Ph.D.

These articles are the first of several installments with the intention of demonstrating the fallacy of certain "evolution as fact" science standards voted on by the Ohio State Board of Education in December of 2002. This information is intended to be used as part of the "teach the controversy" approach in Ohio’s schools.

Article Nbr Description
1 There is No Conclusive Evidence That the Oxygen Content of the Early Earth Atmosphere was Significantly Different Than Today.
2 There is no evolutionary mechanism to explain a perceived "unity of past life forms" via natural selection.
3 The definition of microevolution cannot be extrapolated to explain macroevolution. 
4 The fossil record does not support diversity of species through gradual processes.
5 There is no evidence that complex multicellular organisms evolved from single celled microorganisms.
6 Update on the "Teach the Controversy" Portion of the Science Standards by Dr. Patrick Young  New

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