Refuting Evolution book

Author: Jonathan D. Sarfati, Ph.D, F.M.
ISBN 0890512582
Publisher: Master Books Inc., P.O. Box 727, Green Forest, AZ, 72638
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In our opinion, it is one of the most important books ever written refuting evolution. It is must reading for every Christian!

1,100 students and teachers at Columbine High School received this book!

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The Forward of the book, by Ken Ham, best describes why this is such an important book for our country today.

FOREWORD (pages 9 - 11)

I vividly recall a seminar where a young lady, who appeared quite distressed, came up and blurted out "I'm angry."

"At me?" I replied, wondering what sort of tense situation was going to occur now.

"No, not at you - at my teachers and college professors."

"And why is that?" I asked?

This lady went on to say something like this: "Why didn't they tell me about all this evidence that contradicts evolution? How come they taught me ideas that were discarded, even by evolutionists, years ago? Why didn't they let me consider the evidence put forward by creationists? The way I conduct my life is very dependent on my beliefs about origins. Why haven't I been allowed to hear all this information - isn't that what education is all about?"

I must admit that when I was a teacher in the public school system in Australia, I was frustrated by the fact that many of the text books contained evolutionary teaching that had been discarded years ago by evolutionists themselves. It was also disheartening to find that most teachers seemed to just regurgitate to the students what they had been taught at school and college, and yet many of these ideas were outdated and no longer held by leading scientists.

As I talked with these teachers about this situation, I found most had not had the opportunity to read any of the latest findings. There was no system in place to update teachers on the latest research. Also, probably because of economics, textbooks seemed to take years to catch up with current theories.

As a result of this sad state of affairs, generations of students continue to be indoctrinated in outdated evolutionary theories, not even understanding that such teachings are continually modified and discarded in the real world. Thus, students and teachers alike are indoctrinated to believe evolution is fact, when in reality it is a belief system based on ever-changing concepts.

In recent times in the USA, the prestigious National Academy of Sciences made available to public schools and other institutions a book that supposedly presents the latest information on evolution. This publication is presented very professionally and certainly looks as if it might contain irrefutable evidence for evolution. It is designed to persuade and assist teachers to further indoctrinate their students in favor of evolution, with specific advice on countering anti-evolutionist students.

A creationist scientists, Dr. Jonathan Sarfati, thoroughly investigated the claims of this book. Not only were some of these typically outdated and discarded ideas still presented as fact, but at the very least one could say that some of the information was very misleading. There is also a very subtle attack throughout the book on those who hold to the Christian faith.

A highly qualified scientist, the author also has a formidable and unusually wide-ranging grasp of many other fields of knowledge.

I challenge professors, teachers, and students to not only read this book and consider the claims Dr. Sarfati has made, but to check out the documentation for themselves. If they do this, I believe they too may become "angry" at the way information is being presented to the public in such a lopsided manner.

In my opinion, this new publication is one of the most up-to-date critiques of modern evolutionary theory, one that has been so well researched and documented it will challenge the most ardent evolutionist.

Please consider all the information carefully - after all, what you believe about where you came from affects your whole world view. This is an important topic indeed.

Ken Ham
Founder and Executive Director
Answers in Genesis Ministries Group USA