1,100 Refuting Evolution books given to Columbine H.S. students and teachers

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This article appeared in October 1999 issue of the Answers Update Newsletter, which is published by Answers in Genesis ministries group.

Our most popular book!

Though the hard-hitting critique of evolution theory, Refuting Evolution, has only been in print since June, it has already become AiG's best-seller. As we went to press last month, over 75,000 copies had already been sold!

USA Today ad Thousands of supporters took up AiG's "call to action" in August by distributing tens of thousands of copies of the book to public school students and teachers, many of them doing so on the sidewalks outside the schools. This included a major effort on September 10 at Columbine High School in Littleton (site of the horrible school violence earlier this year) and also at Ryle High School near AIG's' headquarters in Northern Kentucky.

AiG's printer had to work overtime to keep up with the monumental demand. A major ad in USA Today also helped spur interest in the book, especially after the Kansas State School Board's decision in August to de-emphasize the indoctrination program of evolution in their schools.

This major AiG ad appeared in
USA Today

"This is the most current and devastating critique of the bankrupt theory of evolution," declared Ken Ham, AiG executive director. "Also, we understand that some of the school board members in Kansas may have read the book before the vote. I'm thrilled to see so many of AiG's supporters involved in 'creation evangelism,' presenting the creation message to literally thousands of public school students and teachers." Passing out Refuting Evolution book at a high school
  At Columbine High School in Colorado and Ryle High School in Northern Kentucky (above), over 1,100 Refuting Evolution books were distributed.

For more information call AiG at 1-800-778-3390. At the time of this article, the book was on sale for $9.99.