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Titled: "Evolution Explains more than
Creationism can"

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Science is the process of understanding the nature of the world we live in. Evolution is the scientific term used to describe how, through genetic variation and selection, living things adapt and change with time. It is just as observable as gravity. In the absence of evolution, insects, weeds and bacteria would not change, and there
would be no need for new antibiotics or pesticides.

This comment reflects a fundamental misunderstanding of the difference between micro and macro evolution. Both evolutionists and Creationists agree that micro evolution occurs. Mutations within a "kind" (roughly comparable to a "species") as the Bible refers to it does occur. God designed all living things to have a certain degree variability built into their DNA. This pre-programming is what allows bacteria to mutate and other living things to adapt, within limits, to their environments. However, this is much different than macro evolution. With macro evolution, living creatures evolve into higher species. For instance, instead of just mutating to adjust to a new antibiotic, a bacteria might grow a stub, which is the beginning of a leg. This kind of macro evolution that allegedly results in new information being added to the DNA, and no living creature has ever been observed adding new information to its DNA, and evolving into a higher species.

What seems to trouble many people is the theory of evolution as jointly proposed by Henry Wallace and Charles Darwin over a century ago. This theory certainly conflicts with the creation story as related in Genesis but is consistent with the nature of the world we live in.

We couldn't agree more that it conflicts with the creation story in Genesis. However, evolution is only one "view" of the world we live in. When the universe and all that is in it is viewed from the Creationist's perspective, the observable evidence fits the Creation model much better than the evolutionary model. If the media and public schools gave Creation scientists equal time to present their evidence, this would be obvious.

It is a logical explanation as to why humans and chimpanzees have more than 98 percent of the same DNA.

This is a common argument put forth by evolutionists, but it has major flaws.
See this link for some of the problems with it: Link: Chimp DNA 98%

It explains the fossil bones of archaeopteryx, a long-extinct bird with the teeth, tail, hips and finger claws of a small dinosaur.

See this link for a response: Link: Archaeopteryx

It explains why in the dinosaur bone beds there are no bones that look like animals alive today.

Evolution does not explain this. Extinction does.

It is consistent with our present knowledge of geology and astronomy.

Only if one assumes an evolutionary bias. And there are holes in that theory big enough to sail an aircraft carrier through.

Evolution has nothing to do with God or religion, but creationism does.

Evolution is both science and religion. The foundation that it's build on is the religions of atheism and humanism. Evolutionists assume from the get-go that God had nothing whatsoever to do with creating the universe. They assume that it came into existence, and then evolved from purely natural causes. Because of this atheistic bias, they can never allow themselves to consider the possibility of supernatural influences on the evidence they observe. For many, evolution has become their religion.

We would agree that God is not the author of evolution. Evolution is entirely the work of Satan and man. But God certainly warned us it was coming. Evolutionists believe that God did not speak the universe into existence as He claimed he did. They also believe the Noah flood described in the Bible never occurred. Now look at the warning God gave us concerning evolution in about 66 AD when the book of II Peter was written concerning these two issues.

Creationism seems to require a deceiving God. One who would plant deceiving fossils,

The deception occurs when the evolutionary bias is applied to the
observable data. The Creation model fits the observable evidence
very nicely.

create the light of the stars in transit to make the universe appear old and,

See this link at: Link: Starlight and Time. However, there is a book that deals with this issue better than the one they recommend. It's called Starlight and Time.

just for fun, make humans and chimps almost the same.
Dale L. Harmon

Already dealt with this one at Link: Archaeopteryx.

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