Response to the Columbus Dispatch Article Titled:
"Evolution vs creation"

In order to avoid possible copyright infringements, we do not quote the entire Columbus Dispatch article in our response. To obtain a copy of original Dispatch article, click here.

This article was a large one with a lot of issues in it that we'd like to address. However, to keep this response from looking like an 800 page book, we'll just touch on a few of the highlights of what we saw wrong with it. Feel free to E-mail us with your questions about specific parts of the article that we haven't addressed here. If we don't know the answer, we'll try to track it down for you.

The first and most obvious problem with this article was a lack of balance. While some Bible verses were quoted, and there were some token comments from a Creationist, there was a conspicuous absence of guest articles or quotes from any of the heavy-hitters on the Creationists side. Any time an evolutionist scientist has some hot news he/she wishes to promote, the Dispatch seems ready and willing to give them generous amounts of space in their paper to do it. Have any Creation scientists been given such an opportunity in recent memory to give the opposing view? Not that we've seen. The reporting is always heavily biased against the Creationist's position. This article is no exception.

Another thing we noticed about this article is the use of another favorite ploy of evolutionists to play Christian against Christian in an attempt to muddy the waters on the Creationists side. Unfortunately, too many well-meaning Christians have made it very easy for evolutionists to do this. When we look at what's happened in society the past few decades, it's easy to understand why so many Christians have been mislead on this issue. A good analogy would be to compare what's happened in the past 20-30 years with someone who's been in a cult. From kindergarten, children are taught that evolution is fact, and the universe is millions of years old. This brainwashing occurs, often unchallenged by the parents or their churches, through the college years. By the time they've graduated, they've been heavily indoctrinated with evolutionary theory for at least 17 years. One need only to imagine how hard it would be to deprogram someone who's been involved in a cult for 17-years to get an idea of what it can be like to help someone who's been so thoroughly brainwashed in evolution theory to see the truth about Creationism.

A good number of the creation scientists today started off as evolutionists. Many of them taught evolution as if it were scientific fact at either the high school or college level. Like many students today, they didn't realize the heavy influence that atheists, agnostics and humanists have on public school curriculums. These scientists often say that it took them years of looking hard at the opposing scientific evidence before they realized how seriously flawed evolution really was, and how strongly the observable evidence supports Creationism. It should therefore not surprise anyone that Christians are in disagreement on this issue. We didn't used to be. This is a recent occurrence that can trace it's beginnings to the 1960's when God and his Word, the Bible, got kicked out of the public schools and the evolutionary indoctrination began for the first time, essentially unchallenged. At that time, the religion of Christianity was replaced with the religions of humanisn and atheism in the public schools, and many Christians haven't figured this out yet.

When sound Bible interpretation is followed, it really isn't that difficult to see that God intended for us to interpret the events of Genesis and other books of the Bible as literal, historical happenings. Many Christians who have compromised with evolutionists will readily admit that the plain reading of the Bible says that God created the universe in six, 24-hour days and rested on the seventh 24-hour day. It isn't until the waters are muddied with evolutionary doctrine that they start to question this.

One reason why Christians have been so easy to mislead on this issue is because they often lack a proper understanding of how to go about interpreting the Bible. Based on our past experiences, it appears that hermeneutics (principals for Bible interpretation) are not taught in many churches (we've only seen one church teach it in 20 years). As a result, Christians who have little training in this area not adequately prepared to interpret what the Bible actually has to say on the issue of creation. Their approach towards Bible interpretation is often one of eisegesis instead of exegesis, and they are much more easily misled. Look at what Roy B. Zuck had to say about why hermeneutics are so important on page 10 of his book titled Basic Bible Interpretation.

Many Christians today have been misled into believing that the creation/evolution debate is a side issue. For example, in this Dispatch article, the Rev. Jim White was quoted as saying, "My take is we take the Bible too seriously to take it literally. The big concerns are not about how the world began -- that's an incidental issue..." White said he doesn't even think the debate between Creationism and evolution is a healthy one. "It's to give primary attention to secondary matters." See Evolution or Creation: What difference does it make? and 10 dangers of theistic evolution for just some of the reasons why this is one of the most important issues facing Christians today. Also, see the links concerning the compromises of progressive creationism, theistic evolution and the "gap" theory. We are also airing a video on Community 21 titled, The Genesis Solution that deals very well with this issue. See our Community 21 program schedule for when it will air.

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