Response to the Columbus Dispatch Article Titled:
Dinosaur fossils may be link in evolution"

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Some observations about alleged missing links in general

Before getting into the specifics of this article, a few words about alleged missing links in general. The trail of alleged missing links is filled with fraud, deception and blunders. It starts with the "creative" interpretation of the object(s) found, and continues with supporting evidence from flawed dating methods of the fossils. The fraud is further propagated with intentionally misleading illustrations of alleged missing links in the textbooks. This has been the pattern in the past, and we have no reason to believe it will not continue this way.

The credibility of the news media

Evolutionists who make such sensational claims about finding missing links often have willing accomplices in the media. Why? Because the elitist editors who promote the Godless religion of evolution were usually brainwashed into believing this obvious hoax in the same liberal schools as the evolutionary scientists were. Some of these liberal editors may also have personal agenda's we know nothing about. Such personal agendas clearly exist in the public schools, so it is quite conceivable that liberal editors in many of our nations newspapers are using their positions at their newspapers to push their own agendas, whether it be atheism, humanism, a hatred of Christians or whatever.

While those who promote the religion of evolution have willing accomplices like the Columbus Dispatch to help them push these lies, thankfully there are still a lot of thinking people who aren't buying into their propaganda. For instance, a Gallup poll taken in June of 1999 found that 81% of Americans favor having creationism being taught in the public schools. Because of this, we should expect to see evolution propaganda machines like the Columbus Dispatch continue to give high priority to promoting evolution in this manner. When outlandish claims are made by politicians, the media is often quick to investigate the claims and refute them. This rarely occurs where the religion of evolution is concerned. The liberal elitists who staff so many of America's newspapers today are bending over backwards to stamp out any notion that "God created". We wonder if that isn't part of the reason why the public has so little trust in the media today.

A Gallup poll in December, 1998 asked this question:

"In general, how much trust and confidence do you have in the mass media -- such as newspapers, T.V., and radio -- when it comes to reporting the news fully, accurately, and fairly -- a great deal, a fair amount, not very much, or none at all?"

Only 11% said "A great deal". 88% respond said from a "fair" amount to "none at all". In June, 1999, another Gallup poll was conducted that asked this question:

"Now I am going to read you a list of institutions in American society. Please tell me how much confidence you, yourself, have in each one -- a great deal, quite a lot, some, or very little?"

When asked about "Newspapers", 66% said "some", "very little" or "none". This was among the lowest ratings of all the institutions asked about.

The editors of the Dispatch may have degrees in journalism, but what they practice concerning evolution isn't journalism; it's propaganda. If they were serious journalists, they'd be seeking out the opposing views from creation scientists when such outlandish, unsubstantiated claims like the ones this article contained are made. Creation scientists are making the gains they are today because the scientific evidence they present is very compelling. They deserve to be heard. But those who cling to evolution as their religion don't want these scientists to be heard. They claim it's because they're not "serious" scientists. The real reason is because they fear what might happen if the public were ever to be fully informed about the degree to which they've been misled by both scientists and the media on this issue. Some of these journalists may also be deeply concerned about having their hidden agenda's exposed for all to see.

100% certainty the claims are false

As Christians, we can be 100% confident that the claims of these fossils being "missing links" are completely false. God told us he "created" all creatures fully-formed, suddenly and miraculously. We know from a careful interpretation of scriptures that this occurred about 6,000 years ago. We should never be so foolish as to put the opinions of misguided scientists, or elitist journalists over the Word of God on this or any matter. The prudent thing to do concerning these particular fossils is to take a wait-and-see attitude. Understand that there is good reason to mistrust the Columbus Dispatch, the media in general and these scientists on this issue. Give some of the scientists who are willing to do a critical analysis of the claims made about these fossils time to digest the data and make their comments. What we will most likely see is that other evolutionists will help lead the charge against these outrageous claims much as they have done with the "dinosaur-to-bird hypothesis", and other alleged missing links. And of course, Creation scientists will once again be in the familiar position of having to say "We told you so" when this eventually does occur. Christian scientists have known for years that modern science is still playing catch up to the Bible and will likely continue to do so until Jesus returns to claim his own.

To our Christian brothers and sisters

A friendly reminder given in love to our Christian brothers and sisters. We understand that many of you are frustrated by the blatant attacks that often occur against our faith and us personally by the Columbus Dispatch and other media outlets. While it's important that we take a stand and refute that which opposes our Creator's Word, we must also never forget to pray for those who we oppose. The suffering that they cause us and others in this life is no where near what is in store for them when they eventually must answer to the God they devoted so much time and energy to mocking. Please remember that we ALL started off in disobedience and rebellion towards our God, and that only by His grace and sacrifice will we be spared the fate that awaits many of these people who promote the false religion of evolution. While we work with the guidance of the Holy Spirit to deal with the tremendous damage they are causing to our society, let us also remember the love shown towards us by others who prayed for us when we were blinded by our own sins and unbelief. Let us take the high road and try to do our best to stay on it at all times when dealing with them.

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