Response to the Columbus Dispatch Article Titled:
"No bone of contention here:
New dinosaur was a whopper

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The first thing that grabbed our attention in this article was its title. Was it purely an accident that it contained the name of a very popular young Earth creationism book called Bones of contention, or was this some kind of veiled cheap shot at creationists? The book Bones of Contention provides compelling evidence that there are major problems with the dating methods used by evolutionists to date fossils. This book is available at the Columbus Metropolitan library for anyone who wishes to look into this more. It can also be purchased from Answers in Genesis ministries group by calling 1-800-778-3390.

buried in a flash flood about 135 millions years ago.

This is a fairy tale. These bones are only a few thousand years old at the most. Evolutionists use these flawed dating methods to support their failed scientific theory, which in reality is a false religion.

But Sereno said the new find, named Jobaria tiguidensis, is "remarkable primitive" for the Cretaceous period in which it lived, displaying spoon-shaped teeth and a relatively short neck and tail more common to dinosaurs that lived 40 million years earlier.

This dinosaur lived at the same time all other dinosaurs did. As Christians, we can be certain of this because we have an eye-witness, God, who told us that all the dinosaurs were created on the 6th day of creation, the same day man was. If there is any doubt on the part of Christians that dinosaurs and man lived at the same time, look at these verses concerning a creature God called Behemoth.

The fact that so many scientists don't believe in the accuracy and authority of the Bible doesn't make it any less accurate or authoritative. That so many scientists are wrong about this should come as no surprise to Christians. Professing themselves to be wise, God has made them fools. But as Christians, this is not something we should gloat over. We need to remember that virtually every one of us were also "fools" before God, in loving mercy towards us, brought us out of our darkness. We all were despicable sinners before Jesus Christ gave us new hearts, and a new understanding of the world around us. When we see scientists behaving in such a manner, pray for them. Remember, many of the creation scientists today who are such powerful witnesses for Christ started off as militant evolutionists. For instance, Dr. D. Russell Humphreys, author of the book Starlight and Time, was a militant evolutionist and an atheist prior to being saved. Before he was saved, Dr. Gary Parker taught evolution at the college level as if it were a well-proven theory. So as Christians, we should never assume that someone who is an evolutionist today can't be reached, no matter how brainwashed they are in this failed theory. God has a way of doing the seemingly impossible.

And if you are a militant evolutionist, you should not assume that God is not interested in having you for one of his own. After all, the apostle Paul, who wrote more books of the Bible than any other author, was going around killing Christians before Jesus called him into His service. There is no sin so great, no evil so bad that can keep you away from the love and mercy of our God if he chooses to call you into His service. A wonderful future in service to your Creator, and in Heaven for all of eternity may very well be in your future. That is certainly our prayer and hope for you.

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