Response to the Columbus Dispatch Article Titled:
"Underground wonderland is now a park"

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With the exception of the evolutionary bias in dating the age of the cave, this was an interesting article and we were glad to see it in the Dispatch. Here's the main problem we saw in the article, though.

This room, these caverns, stood untouched for hundreds of thousands of years ...

The article didn't say how scientists arrived at such an old age. But it's likely that it was due in part to the belief that stalactites and stalagmites take this long to grow. This is a common belief among evolutionists who also believe the universe is billions of years old. There is compelling scientific evidence to suggest that stalactites and stalagmites grow quite fast. So fast, in fact, that their growth fits well within the Bible's age of the Earth as being around 6,000 years old. For more on this, see the links below.

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