Response to the Columbus Dispatch Article Titled:
"Fossil experts list greatest finds"

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The choices were by an international panel of 22 paleontologists, science writes, artists and paleontology enthusiasts. Membership was heavily weighted toward vertebrate paleontology, especially those who work with dinosaurs... Top vote getter for paleontological find of 1999 was Sinornithosaurus, a small dinosaur from China. Certain features of the skeleton, especially the shoulder region, are remarkably birdlike.

It is interesting that the fossil that perhaps showcases science at it worst is the one chosen as the "greatest find". See Smithsonian Institution refutes the dino-to-bird hypothesis for why the interpretation of this particular fossil is such a great example of what's wrong with evolutionary dogma. Also see Yet another new 'feathered' dinosaur.

 In February, 2000, USA Today and others announced that the fossil that was ranked #1 in this survey was a fraud! See this link for details: Archaeoraptor: Phony 'feathered' fossil

As usual, the Columbus Dispatch prints these kinds of lie filled stories about alleged evolutionary evidence with no opposing views from creationists.

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