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"Kansas decision shows illiteracy of science"
by Thomas A. Baillieul

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James McLane's Dec. 1 letter to the editor regarding last summer's decision by the Kansas Board of Education deserves a reply. The action by the board has become a huge embarrassment to the state of Kansas.

Scientific polls by Gallup and others seem to suggest otherwise. See these links:
The attitude of various populations toward teaching Creation and evolution in public schools
81% of Americans favor teaching creationism in the public schools

Three of five members of the board displayed an astounding level of scientific illiteracy when they chose to delete requirements for teaching the theories of evolution, cosmology (the Big Bang) and certain aspects of genetics related to human origins.

This is not an accurate description of what the board decided. See Confusion in Kansas - evolution not outlawed! They did not display illiteracy concerning science. They merely recognized that there are major problems with evolution, and for that we applaud their courage. It is interesting to note that some or all of them received a copy of the book Refuting Evolution prior to casting their vote. We wonder what impact that may have had on their decisions. If more people read that book, they'd begin to understand how seriously they've been mislead by evolutionists. Other good materials to start with are the videos A Question of Origins and Mount St. Helens. Watch these videos and see if you still think evolution has as much supporting evidence as evolutionists claim it does.

By making these deletions, the Kansas Board showed a complete misunderstanding of the scientific method and basically denied the validity of all science.

This is a common tactic of evolutionists. Creationists who debate evolutionists in universities hear these kinds of statements over and over again. Most of the time evolutionists try to argue from a position of authority rather than with hard evidence. They have to, because the hard evidence of evolution does not exist. The evolutionists view isn't the only way to interpret the observable evidence, and creationists have pointed out many, significant flaws with it. So have other evolutionists. See Smithsonian Institution speaks out against dinosaur-to-bird hypothesis for an excellent example of this.

To deny one aspect of scientific understanding is to deny it all, because everything is interconnected.

To deny evolution is to deny a highly flawed hypothesis. It is not denying science. There are many good examples of real science being in perfect harmony with the Bible. For several examples of this, see our Scientific foreknowledge in the Bible page.

If our theories of evolution about the Big Bang are incorrect, then our ability to send people to the moon, or discover new oil deposits, or to defrost dinner in the microwave is based on luck rather than knowledge.

Claiming that the pseudo-science/false religion of evolution is the same as these other examples of real science is comparing apples to oranges. There are many thorny questions for which evolutionists still have not given believable answers to. And regarding sending men to the moon, here's an interesting tidbit of history we'll bet you won't find in today's politically correct, revisionist history books. Apollo 8 was the first Apollo mission to orbit the moon. As they were coming out from behind the dark side of the moon, and were viewing earth for the first time from that vantage point, listen to what they said over the radio to ground controllers back on earth. Imagine the breathtaking view they saw. Doesn't their message remind you a lot of the Bible verse in Romans 1:18-22?

Hundreds of other transitional forms also exist as can be found in any good paleontology text. In fact, from and evolutionary perspective, all living things are transitional forms between what came before and what will follow.

See Have any real missing links been found? for an opposing view.

The U.S. Supreme Court, after careful consideration of all arguments, ruled several years ago that creationism is religion and has no place in a science classroom.

If religion doesn't belong in the classroom, then we need to kick evolution out the door as well. Evolutionists often portray this issue as one of science (evolution) versus religion (Christianity). In reality, its the science of one religion versus the science of another religion. See Evolution is Religion for more information.

Given the complex problems that beset the world today, we need to assure that our children have the most thorough exposure to science possible so that they will be able to make well informed decisions about their futures - and ours.
Thomas A. Baillieul

We agree. That's why we and the Creation Research, Science Education Foundation (CRSEF) - (in Columbus, OH) both produce creationism programs that are aired on Community 21 public access. Our program is called Creationism. CRSEF's program is AlphaNova. Also, there are creationism materials in the Columbus Metropolitan Libraries that do a good job of giving the opposing view, and exposing the myriad of major problems with evolution.

It is even more important that children understand that evolution has not proven the Bible's account of creation by God wrong. These two world views are completely incompatible and can in no way be harmonized with one another. It is important that you understand what the Bible really teaches about creation, and to know that proper Bible study cannot be done without at least a basic understanding of hermeneutics. When studying the Bible, the approach towards interpretation should be one of exegesis, not eisegesis. Eisegesis leads to incorrect interpretations of scripture like theistic evolution, progressive creationism, the gap theory, and the day-age theory. Parents of children who are being indoctrinated with the anti-God religion of evolution might be very interested to see How to build a bomb -- in the Public School System. They may also want to get more familiar with who's trying to influence their children's world view in the public schools.

And finally, never compare the science of men to God's Holy Word, the Bible, as if they are different, but somehow equal in relevance and authority. God has no peers. There is no man-made knowledge, including the science of fallible, sinful men and women who don't know everything, that could even remotely compare to the wisdom of God in the Bible who does know everything. One does not need science to know with certainty that creationism is true. It is self evident. For more information about this and other evidences that the Bible is the inspired, wholly accurate Word of God, see the book Christian Evidences.

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