Original Gahanna News Article Titled:
"Kansas deserves credit for de-emphasizing evolution"
by James McLane

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No new species are coming into existence, only the extinction of existing species. Dr. Collin Patterson, (a modern day evolutionist) has seven million species in the British Museum of natural history of fossils. He said, "If I Knew of even one transitional fossil, I would have included it in the museum." This is a real problem for all paleontologists.

Mutations and natural selection have never been demonstrated to show that they increase the amount of information in DNA so that the creature can evolve into a higher species. For more information about this, see Do mutations prove evolution is true?

Try as they might over the years, the missing links linking man to some prior ape form are still missing. Skilled craftsmen and artists have produced plastic forms and artwork from only their imagination to prove what they do so desperately want to believe.

These imaginary missing links have found their way into classroom textbooks. Read medical illustrator Ronald J. Ervin's story about why he quit doing textbook illustrations for evolutionists because of this.

Ramopithicus was formed out of a jawbone and a few teeth. "Nebraska Man" was created from a single tooth that was later found to be the tooth of an extinct pig. "Piltdown Man" was later proven to be a complete forgery. All arguments in the 1925 "Scopes" trial have now been proven false.

For more information about these and other missing link frauds and errors, see Have any real missing links been found?

The government of this once Christian Nation has in violation of its own First Amendment, prohibiting the establishment of a state religion, made a legal mandate to teach its own atheistic philosophy of evolution and thus its own belief system which is what a religion really is.

He is absolutely right about evolution being a false religion. For more about this, see Evolution is a Religion.

The second greatest myth of this century is that our Constitution says anything about "Separation of church and state."

Dr. James Kennedy, of Coral Ridge Ministries and the Center for Reclaiming America has been promoting a new video on this topic that will amaze you. Get this video and see what the politically correct history books have omitted concerning our nations' strong Christian heritage. The video is called "Spiritual Heritage Tour". You can order it for $25 by calling 1-800-892-9855. This video is a very powerful rebuttal to the whole myth of separation of church and state.

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