Teaching about Evolution and the
Nature of Science
book from the
National Academy of Sciences (NAS)

From pages 23 - 24 of the book Refuting Evolution:

A recent survey published in the leading science journal Nature conclusively showed that the National Academy of Sciences, the authors of Teaching about Evolution and the Nature of Science, is heavily biased against God, rather than religiously unbiased 14. A survey of all 517 NAS members in biological and physical sciences resulted in just over half responding: 72.2% were overtly atheistic, 20.8% agnostic, and only 7% believed in a personal God. Belief in God and immortality was lowest among biologists. It is likely that those who didn't respond were unbelievers as well, so the study probably underestimates the level of anti-God belief in the NAS. The percentage of unbelief is far higher than the percentage among U.S. scientists in general, or in the whole U.S. population.

(Editors note:  It is important to understand that this group which is made up of at least 93% atheists and agnostics are the main driving force behind the current efforts to put evolution as fact into Ohio's science standards.)

Commenting on the professed religious neutrality of Teaching about Evolution and the Nature of Science, the surveyors comment:

NAS President Bruce Alberts said: "there are very many outstanding members of this academy who are very religious people, people who believe in evolution, many of them biologists." Our research suggests otherwise. 15

From page13 of the book titled Refuting Evolution:

The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) has recently published an educator's guidebook entitled Teaching about Evolution and the Nature of Science. It has been made available to educators throughout America to encourage teachers to incorporate more evolution in their classes and basically teach particles-to-people evolution as a fact. The guidebook states its purpose in the preface:

Many students receive little or no exposure to the most important concept in modern biology, a concept essential to understanding key aspects of living things- biological evolution.

However, it's hard to believe that "many students receive little or no exposure" to evolution. The whole secular education system in America (and most other countries around the world) is underpinned by evolution. After reviewing a number of biology textbooks in the secular school system, we find they are all blatantly pro-evolution. It's also hard to believe that evolution is an "essential concept" in biology, because most "key aspects of living things" were discovered by creationists.


14. E. J. Larson and L. Witham, "Leading Scientists Still Reject God," Nature, 394(6691):313, July 23, 1998. The sole criterion for being classified as a "leading" or "greater" scientists was membership of the NAS.

15. Ibid., emphasis added.