Replies to Columbus Dispatch Articles
that attack Creationists or promote evolutionis

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What you can do about the Columbus Dispatchs' biased reporting on creation vs. evolutionism

We accept young-earth creationist guest writers to respond to Dispatch articles. If you'd like to respond to a Dispatch article, see these instructions for how to send us a copy of your response for consideration to be published on this web page. You don't have to live in the Columbus, Ohio area. We also publish your Letters to the Editor, even if they weren't published by the newspaper you originally sent them to.

Dispatch Article Title  Response
2/20/2004 Paranoid professors afraid of a close examination of evolution Response 
2/15/2004 Intelligent Design / Creationism is not being taught in the Science Standards Response
12/16/2003 White, dark meat can be traced to turkey ancestors Response
9/23/2003 Key Genes Separate Humans from Chimps Response
1/29/2003 An idea takes flight Response
10/8/2002 Darwin wasn’t only scientist with natural-selection theory Response
5/26/2002 Plants' evolution affects what many can safely eat  Response
1/22/2002 Dispatch Editorial Response
1/20/2002 Religion Must Remain separate from Science Response
10/7/2001 In setback to creationists, whale evolution is traced Response
10/8/2000 State science curriculum mustn't ignore evolution Response
10/2/2000 Ohio Can't afford to trail in the teaching of evolution Response
2/13/2000 Supergiants go out with a bang  Response
2/11/2000 Big Bang theorists create 'primordial soup' in laboratory Response
2/9/2000 Evolutionists have yet to show concrete proof Response
2/6/2000 Fossil fraudulent, but new species isn't  Response
2/5/2000 To deny the theory of evolution is to deny all science Response
2/5/2000 Christian Scientists' view often is misunderstood Response
1/31/2000 Likelihood of alien life dwindles, researchers say Response
1/18/2000 Changing terminology only muddles the issue Response
1/17/2000 Creationists should stop saying they are scientific Response
1/16/2000 Experts suggest Earth's first life came from Mars Response
1/14/2000 Evolution must be part of education in science Response
1/10/2000 Language in standards might change teaching of evolution Response
1/9/2000 Fossil experts list greatest finds Response
1/3/2000 Bridge the creation-evolution gap 3 Responses
1/2/2000 Research links spice use to health in hot climates Response
12/10/1999 What is life? Scientists closer to finding answer Response
12/1/1999 Skeleton of juvenile T. rex thrills experts Response
11/25/1999 Ancient undersea coast a clue to Noah's flood Response
11/21/1999 Roaches write long success story Response
11/19/1999 U.S. Christians can't claim persecution Response
24 million Americans shun organized religion,
study says
11/14/1999 Underground wonderland now is a park Response
11/12/1999 Minister says literalism hurts Bible's impact Response
11/12/1999 No bone of contention here: New dinosaur was a whopper Response
10/23/1999 Who decides what your kids learn? Response
10/22/1999 Dinosaur fossils may be link in evolution Response
Fossil may exemplify birds' evolution from dinosaurs Response
Denying children the big ideas of science is
10/8/1999 Evolution vs. creation Response
10/7/1999 Officials give evolution a new name Response
9/24/1999 Evolution explains more than creationism can Response
9/24/1999 There is no science in study of Creationism Response
9/11/1999 Creationists should drop science envy Response
9/7/1999 Monkey Business Response

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