Dr. Robert Gentry, Nuclear Physicist
Radio Interview on April 25, 2000

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Interview with Dr. Gentry - Play part 1 (46 minutes) (right-click to download)
Interview with Dr. Gentry - Play part 2 (16 minutes) (right-click to download)

Letter to the NAS

Letter to the National Academy of Science challenging them to
a public debate on Dr. Gentry's Polonium Halo discoveries

On April 25, 2000, Dr. Gentry was interviewed by Dr. Charles Thurston (an emergency room physician) on his radio program Evidences, which airs in Columbus, Ohio on WRFD, AM 880 on Mondays from 7:00 - 8:30 P.M. In this interview, Dr. Gentry was asked several questions about his research on Polonium halos. To read more about this compelling evidence for creation, see the "Overview" page on Dr. Gentrys' web site at www.halos.com. This evidence for creation has stood unrefuted for 25+ years.

Don't have time to listen to the whole interview? Here are a few excerpts concerning his research on Polonium 218 halos. Most excerpts are in the form of questions that Dr. Gentry responded to from the host of the program, and from callers.

Question: What kind of investigation led you to believe that the Genesis account was true, and that the earth might be only about 6,000 years old?
Play answer (3:21 mins.)          (right-click to download)

Question: These halos have only a brief half-life (about 3-minutes). Can you explain what the significance of finding them in granite is? 
Play answer (3:02 mins.)
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Question: If Granite was ever in a molten state, would the polonium 218 halos disappear? 
Play answer (0:36 mins.)
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Question: Why do evolutionists believe the granites are billions of years old? Why are they wrong about this? 
Play answer (4:42 mins.)
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Question: Has your research been published in any major scientific journals. If so, how long ago and what was the reaction of the scientific community? 
Play answer (2:32 mins.)
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Question: Did you recently write a letter in just the past few weeks to the National Academy of Sciences that challenged them to refute your evidence? If so, what was their reaction? 
Play answer (3:30 mins.)
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 Here are some relevant Bible verses about how God stretched the universe after he created it.  17 verses in the Bible say God expanded the universe from its original size.