Dr. Robert Gentry, Nuclear Physicist
Radio Interview on May 7, 2001

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Interview with Dr. Gentry - Part 1 (29:58 minutes)
Interview with Dr. Gentry - Part 2 (30:36 minutes)

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Download part 1 (3.5 meg)
Download part 2  (3.5 meg)

Letter to the NAS

Letter to the National Academy of Science challenging them to
a public debate on Dr. Gentry's Polonium Halo discoveries

On Monday, May 7, 2001 at 7:00 PM EST, Dr. Robert Gentry (Nuclear Physicist) was interviewed by Dr. Charles Thurston (an emergency room physician) on his radio program EvidencesEvidences airs live in Columbus, Ohio on WRFD, AM 880 every Thursday from 7:00 - 8:30 P.M. EST.  For instructions on how to listen to it live over the internet, click here.  

Last year, Dr. Gentry was interviewed on this same radio program about his research on Polonium 218 halos.  You may listen to an archive of that interview at this link.  In this most recent interview, he discussed his latest research on Cosmology and interpreting red shift.  Dr. Gentry believes he has compelling scientific evidence that the universe is expanding at a much slower rate than evolutionists believe it is.  He also talked about evidence he's uncovered that he believes absolutely proves that the alleged Big Bang did not occur.  

Another topic of discussion was the roadblocks Dr. Gentry has been dealing with at the Los Alamos National Laboratories trying to get his ten most recent research papers on this topic (the myth of the Big Bang) published on their web site.  For anyone who thinks that there isn't a real effort by evolutionists to squelch any compelling evidence that could do serious harm to evolutionism, you need to listen to this program and get the truth about what's really going on.  

These ten new papers build upon three others that Dr. Gentry already published a few years ago on the Los Alamos web site.  All three are also available on our web site at this link.  

Here are some relevant Bible verses about how God stretched the universe after he created it.  17 verses in the Bible say God expanded the universe from its original size.