Scientific Cosmology and Christianity Seminar March 26-27, 2003 at Wheaton College.  
Young Earth Creation Scientist
Dr. Robert V. Gentry (Nuclear Physicist) 
Earth Science Associates will be one of the speakers

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Dr. Robert Gentry will be one of the featured speakers at a March 26-27, 2003 seminar at Wheaton College in Wheaton Illinois.  The topic of the seminar is Scientific Cosmology and Christianity.  Dr. Gentry was a late addition to the list of speakers so he'll only be allotted 10 minutes in total to give his presentation and answer questions. Because he was added so late, he is not listed on the official schedule brochure. He will speak on March 27 from 4:05 - 4:15 PM CST (3:05-3:15 EST).  The following documents provide additional details about the seminar.  They are in Rich Text (RTF) and/or PDF format:

Abstracts of Contributed Talks for March 27, 2003 contributed abstracts1.doc
Seminar Schedule Brochure Seminar Schedule Brochure.pdf