Students sent home for wearing Islam is of the Devil T-shirts

Our comments

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On August 26, 2009, the Fox News web site featured a story titled "Florida Students Sent Home After Wearing 'Islam Is of the Devil' Shirts".  It can be viewed at this link:,2933,542963,00.html?test=latestnews

Whether or not you agree with their methods, their message was accurate.  The religion of Islam is one of Satan's greatest masterpieces and it's time that Americans wake up and see the spiritual threat that it represents to this nation.  There are a variety of clues to tip off the discerning person that Islam is a cult.  The most important one, however, is the one that all cults get wrong.  That is the issue of who exactly is Jesus?  Compare what they teach and believe to what the Bible says about Jesus and one can very quickly expose Islam for the fraud that it is.  See our link titled How to Test the Spirits for a good overview of the biblical baseline you can used to compare against all other doctrines, holy books, etc.  See our Cults link for more information about cults in general.  See our Four reasons why we believe in the authenticity and accuracy of the Bible for an explanation of why the Bible can be trusted over the Qur'an or any other alleged "holy" book.

See the Answering Islam web site for an in-depth look at why Islam should be considered a cult: