The Answers Book

Authors: Ken Ham, Dr. Carl Wieland and Dr. Andrew A. Snelling
Published by:
The Creation Science Foundation, Ltd.
ISBN 0-89051-161-6

Note: They are currently working on a new version of this book that has answers to more questions, and more up-to-date information on some of the existing ones. We'll post information about this new book when it becomes available.

Table of Contents

  About the authors 4
  Preface 6
  Answers in Brief 10
1. What Happened to the Dinosaurs? 21
2. What about Continental Drift? 41
3. What about Carbon-14 Dating? 65
4. Were there really ice Ages? 77
5. Why did God take Six Days? 89
6. How did "Bad Things" Come About? 103
7. Noah's Flood - What about all that Water? 117
8. How did all the Different Races Arise? 131
9. What about the "Gap" Theory? 157
10. Who was Cain's Wife? 177
11. Distant Starlight Prove and Old Universe? * 187
12. How Could Animals get to Places Like Australia? 197
* There is a book that deals with this issue much
better than this chapter does. Instead of this
chapter, we recommend that you read
Starlight and Time.